The Ultimate Big Hair Guide

The Ultimate Big Hair Guide


If you want big hair, you’ve come to the right place! In the ultimate big hair guide we’ll talk about how you can take your hair from flat to fat in no time at all. No matter your hair type, you can plump it up and make it look bouncy and beautiful with these tips. Read on to find out more!

Wash With the Right Products

Big hair doesn’t start with styling. You need to start getting your hair ready way before that! You need to wash it with the right products. I like to use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to plump it up as much as possible before I do anything else. You may need to use something different depending on your hair type, but for really big hair, volumising products are usually a safe bet. I also like to apply a little oil to the ends before drying to help keep it smooth and shiny.

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Dry Upside Down

Towel dry your hair roughly so that it’s just damp. Then grab your hair dryer and dry your hair upside down. Flip it from side to side too, and direct the air in the opposite direction to encourage it to hold. Hot air will help to keep it in place, but cool air afterwards is thought to help it to hold even more. This is a classic hair tip that has been used for years!

Use Dry Shampoo

Some people don’t like to wash their hair on the day of a big event, as it gets too clean and doesn’t hold a style. Use dry shampoo if you want to freshen your hair up without washing it. Direct it all over your hair at the roots, and then use your fingers to really work it in and give your hair body and texture. It’ll get rid of the grease and help it to stay in place!


Use Rollers

Rollers work really well for some people. Apply the right sized roller at your root and you can have big, bouncy hair all night long! Better yet, sleep in them to make the volume last all day.

Learn How to Backcomb

Knowing how to backcomb effectively is the key to getting big hair. Some girls backcomb but they do it all wrong. They think the aim of the game is to mess their hair up as much as possible by the looks of it. What you really need to do is create texture just at the root, so focus a fine toothed comb there and only there. You know you have a good backcomb when the hair stands up alone. You can then spritz with a little hairspray and tidy up/shape as you need to. Also make sure the volume is at the crown of the head rather than at the sides. There’s nothing worse than a ‘square’ looking looking hair style!

Clip in Some Hair Pieces

Hair pieces can help you to achieve thicker, bouncier hair if your hair is very thin, fine, or just in need of a boost. It’s so simple to grab a few clip in hair extensions and apply them where you need them.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions don’t just have to be for length but can also be fantastic for volumising your hair at your own length. Checkout Gold Class Hair by Inanch London loved by celebrities and magazine editors.

Curl and Wave

Curls and waves always make the hair look more voluminous than a straight style, so invest in a decent styling tool!

Ready to get gorgeous big hair? Use these tips and you’ll adore the results!

Naomi Isted
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