The Most Luxurious Ways to Travel the World

The Most Luxurious Ways to Travel the World

The Most Luxurious Ways to Travel the World

The Most Luxurious Ways to Travel the World – Travelling the world doesn’t have to be tiring. Long-haul flights and extensive road trips can become a fun part of a holiday if you choose the best mode of transportation. If you want to splash the cash when journeying your way from A to B, find out the most luxurious ways to travel the world.

A Luxury Yacht

Nothing screams style, comfort and sophistication quite like a yacht, which is the epitome of luxury travel. A yacht charter will allow guests to relax in a stunning setting surrounded by spectacular scenery, so they can enjoy a travel experience they are unlikely to ever forget. Few things in life could be better than climbing aboard the exquisite White Pearl yacht to explore the Greek Cyclades islands of Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, and Hydra, whilst enjoying gourmet cuisines, exceptional service and a bespoke itinerary.


City breaks can be more accessible when you hire – or buy – a private helicopter. It’s a fast, efficient way to travel to a city nearby without having to endure a lengthy car ride or train. A typical helicopter can fly for 300-350 miles before it requires a refuel. As you can simply breathe in the beautiful surroundings as you make your way to a local destination.

A Luxury Motorhome

Travelling with friends and/or family? If so, book a luxury motor home that will allow you all to journey your way across the country in sheer style. Look for a motorhome that features all the luxuries you would expect to find at home, such as a comfortable seating area, plasma TV, washer and bed. It’s the perfect option for big families wanting to enjoy an unforgettable road trip together. It will be a little like a big hotel on wheels. You’ll never look at motorhomes the same way again.

A Private Plane

Who needs business class when you can step onto a private aircraft? Feel like a celebrity for the day by booking a private plane to your chosen destination, which will be controlled by an experienced pilot and co-pilot. Chartering a jet can cost between £850to £6,500 per hour, so it’s the most luxurious way to take to the skies for a trip of a lifetime.

If you have plenty of money to spare in the bank, you could even buy your own plane, which costs approximately £52,000 per year to fuel. If money really isn’t a problem, you could always try to exceed Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s customised private jet, as he currently owns the most expensive aircraft in the world. The Airbus A380 is a bespoke plane that cost the prince an incredible £400 million.

A Sophisticated Train

The thought of travelling via train might fill you with dread, as you might think of bumpy rides, long journeys and chatty passengers. Yet, there is no reason to avoid this mode of transport, as it is possible to book a luxury train that resembles a five-star hotel. If it’s good enough for kings and presidents, you can trust it will be good enough for you, too. Not only does it ooze style and comfort, but a luxury train will also offer picturesque scenery from a window, and you can take your pick from the fantastic facilities onsite.

For example, you can head off on a 23,000-mile journey with the Great Rail Journeys, which will allow you to explore the most famous train trips in history. For example, Tsar’s Gold is a private train that allows you to follow the Trans-Siberian Railway throughout Russia. You can also travel from Venice to London on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, which features cars that are adorned with wood, crystal and Art Deco details.

A Sports Car

Do you love nothing more than sitting behind the wheel and taking to the open road? Put your money to good use by investing in a stylish sports car, which will make you want to strap on your seatbelt and explore everything the world has to offer. The likes of Ferrari have made vehicles designed for both comfort and style, and you’ll love to the roar of the engine as the world passes you by as you travel from one destination to another. Simply pick a make, model and colour that complements your personality and travel needs, which you can choose to either hire, lease or buy.

A Cruise

Travel across the world in style by booking a luxury cruise that will make you never want to go home. While it lacks the privacy of a yacht, it will allow you to socialise with people from across the world. It’s therefore the ideal travel solution for those who want to mix luxurious travel with socialising. Choose from a range of packages to select the best cruise destinations, facilities, services, cuisines, entertainment, and more.

Private Islands

Of course, it’s not all about the transport. Those with thousands of pounds in the bank might love nothing more than hiring a private island, which is a popular option for wealthy individuals. For example, you can visit Marlon Brando’s private island in the French Polynesia, which offers 35 secluded villas, which each feature sustainable technology.

Celebrities have also fallen in love with a Maldives island, which costs £800,000 for a four-night stay. It might be expensive, but it is a guaranteed drone-free zone, so no paparazzi can take any snaps of the famous faces on vacation.

A Space Shuttle

Looking to travel a little further afield than Earth? Well, Virgin Galactic can provide a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, as you can head off on a journey into space. Once you have participated in the essential training to become an astronaut, you can go where few people have gone before to climb 50 miles above Earth in a space shuttle. You will therefore get to experience the mesmerising views of space and planet Earth from your seat, and will experience the feeling of weightlessness. A seat on a space shuttle will cost £190,000, but slots will fill quickly so you will need to book a reservation as early as possible.

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