The Luxury Bathroom Guide All Homeowners Can Use

The Luxury Bathroom Guide All Homeowners Can Use

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Having a luxury looking bathroom is beneficial for lots of reasons. Not only will it add value onto your home, it’ll make you feel really peaceful when you’re using it. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, and one that adds the most value. It only makes sense to turn it into a great place to spend time! However, achieving a luxury bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean having a luxury budget. While having a large budget can definitely be a bonus, it isn’t the be all and end all when doing up the bathroom. All homeowners can use this guide to make their bathrooms better. Read on to learn more:

Use Mirrors To Add Light, Luxury, And Space

Mirrors are a wonderful tool for adding light, luxury, and space to a room. Of course they don’t actually add light or space. They just make the room look lighter and more spacious, as these things are reflected around the room. Some people like to add multiple mirrors or one large mirror to a small bathroom to really make it look larger and lighter. A good quality mirror will always add luxury to a bathroom, providing you make sure it’s true image and of a high quality. You can even buy statement mirrors to become your focal point if you wish. They can be expensive, but they are worth the investment as they will last and last.

Focus On The Finer Details

Focusing on the finer details of your luxury bathroom is important too. After all, all of these things add up to make a complete picture of the room. You don’t want a luxury bathroom with a mucky shower curtain, do you? Get a glass one instead. Focus on your taps, light fixtures, and things that are going to make a big difference to the feel you want to give off. Some of these things can be easy to change out yourself, but you may want to get a pro to do it if you feel you need a little help. Don’t be too proud, as you want to make sure everything is working optimally.

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Use Tranquil Colours

You can use any colours you like in your bathroom. After all, you want it to reflect your personality and make yourself feel great. However, tranquil colours are some of the best choices to use in your bathroom, as that’s the aura you want it to give off. These colours include different shades of green and blue. They help people to feel the most relaxed. You can use neutrals to get that spa feel if you’d prefer, or monochrome for a more modern feel. It’s all down to you. Just beware of the mood that many colours give off.

Have As Much Storage As You Can

The bathroom can quickly get cluttered with all kinds of things, so try to include as much storage as you can. You can do this by using wall storage in the shower and even under the sink storage. Be smart with it and use it wisely so your bathroom doesn’t get too cluttered.

Make Sure It Suits Your Needs

Although you want your bathroom to look good, this isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is that the bathroom suits your needs. If you love to take baths, then find a huge bath that you can really sink into and relax. Sites like the Tub Connection can give you an idea of what to look for. If you love showers, then choose a nice big walk in shower with a rainshower head, for instance. You have lots of choices and you can make your bathroom exactly what you need it to be.

Consider Underfloor Heating

If you want to save space while keeping your bathroom a comfortable temperature, you can get rid of the radiator and install underfloor heating instead. Underfloor heating is probably cheaper than you think and easier to install. It’s great when you get up on cold mornings too, or step out of a hot bath. No more freezing feet or running for your slippers!

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Add Marble And Other Textures

For a luxury bathroom, you need to be prepared to make the most of the textures available to you. Marble is one of the most popular textures, and can really give off that luxury feel. However, you can use other textures too. Using plenty of textures will make your bathroom seem far more luxurious and interesting. Work on ways to include the textures you like best to really get the look you want.

Make A Mood Board

A mood board can help you to decide what to do with your bathroom if you’re unsure. There’s no one way to create a luxury bathroom, so by making a mood board you can see which patterns emerge and go from there. It doesn’t matter if you do this online or in person. A mood board can give you direction and inspiration, so make one now if you need to!

Find The Right Company To Work With

You probably won’t be able to fit the bathroom all by yourself, especially if you’re making some of the bigger changes mentioned here. You’ll need to make sure you find the right company to work with. A company with experience that will fit your bathroom professionally. Don’t try to save money when choosing the right place to work with, as you could end up with shoddy work that causes problems. You could then end up spending more money on the problems in the long run! Do lots of research, ask questions and look at portfolios to find the right place. Maybe watch a couple of episodes of Cowboy Builders so you don’t feel tempted to cut corners at all!

Add A Videospa for Fun

A videospa is a really fun addition to make to a bathroom. If you love to watch TV while taking a bath, investing in a high quality waterproof HD TV is a great idea. It isn’t necessary of course, but that’s what luxury bathrooms are all about! Having things just because you want them. With something like this it’s imperative that it is installed and protected properly.

Buy Stylish Bottles And Jars To Add Uniformity

Something that can instantly cheapen a bathroom is having different colors of bottles and brands all over the place. You can quickly accumulate all kinds of shower gels, hair products, and other lotions and potions. To make your bathroom look more luxurious, invest in stylish bottles and jars to add uniformity to the place. Glass instantly adds glamour and luxury to a room. Label them if you need to. It’ll still look much better than having different bottles everywhere!

Add Flowers For Instant Brightness

Whether you go for pure white flowers or something really colorful, flowers can add a lovely luxury touch to your bathroom. They really do make all of the difference! Find some low maintenance ones or a plant so they last as long as possible if you like. If you’d rather not maintain them at all, then some false flowers could look just as good. You’ll find flowers in every room of a show home, and with good reason. They make such a difference!

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Invest In High Quality Towels

All luxury bathrooms should have a decent set of towels. They should be high quality so they are nice and fluffy, as well as effective. Ideally pick one or two colors so the towels are as unformed as possible. The way you display them is really important too. Try rolling them up for even more of a spa feel!

Look For Quality Suites

Always look for quality in everything you buy for your bathroom. If you buy a cheap bathroom suite and pay pennies to have it installed, you’ll experience more problems than you’d like. It’s so much better to pay a little more in all areas and have a bathroom that will stand the test of time. It’s the room in the house that gets used the most, therefore needs to be the most durable. Don’t underestimate how important it is to look for quality!

All homeowners can use this guide to creating their very own luxury bathroom. Making sure you go for quality is one of the most important things, as it needs to be durable and stand the test of time. Then you can focus on things that will give it character and make it pop. Bear in mind you should research the value you are adding to your home. Not all projects will add value; if you make mistakes, it can actually take value away. Being aware of this will leave you able to make better decisions. By planning things out properly before diving in and getting started, you’ll also keep any mistakes and problems from cropping up. If you have any tips on creating your own luxury bathroom, leave them below. Thanks for visiting and happy renovating!

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