The Guide To Finally Feeling Happy With Your Appearance

The Guide To Finally Feeling Happy With Your Appearance


Appearance is a funny thing. It’s objective and subjective at the same time. What we see as attractive in one person might be seen as unattractive by another observer. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and this seems to apply on an introspective level. You are your own worst critic, and I know that’s a stereotypical thing to say. Still, the stereotypical quotes are often the truest. You see all your blemishes both on a mental and physical level that others don’t; in fact, you see blemishes that aren’t even there.

It’s only natural that we’re so self-critical, as we know ourselves better than anybody. Nonetheless, there’s a line which should be drawn. As soon as your confidence drops and you start to hate your appearance, it’s time to pull yourself back up and learn to love your appearance. It’s a game of confidence, ultimately. Forgetting all the shallow and vain aspects of being happy with how you look, this is about feeling comfortable and happy as a human being. Perhaps this guide will help you to finally feel satisfied with your appearance.

Your waistline.

Diet and exercise are two things we’re told we should prioritize from the earliest days of our childhood. There’s good reason for this, and it’s not just so you can look good in a bikini or swimming trunks. Whilst improving your appearance might motivate you to finally start that new fitness regime, the real motivator should be your health. If you’re struggling to find the willpower to work out a little more and eat healthily then think about the fact that a healthier lifestyle will improve your mental health too. The more healthily you live, the stronger your brain becomes and the easier you’ll find it to live healthily. It’s a self-serving cycle.

Your face.

When it comes to confidence issues regarding appearance and attractiveness, a lot of your worries probably come back to the face. Weight can be gained or lost and blemishes can be dealt with, but we often see our faces as something unchangeable. If you’re not happy about the appearance of your face then it can be rather debilitating because you’re at a loss as to how you can change that. Your face is something fixed and concrete. Most people wouldn’t opt for the plastic surgery route, and it’s certainly an extreme option. Much like other aspects of your appearance, feeling happier with your face is something you have to achieve internally. Other people don’t see all the negative things you find in your own reflection, and there are probably attractive elements to your appearance and personality that you can’t see.

It’s all about confidence, and sometimes makeup, jewelry and even a change of hairstyle can alter your perception of your face. It’s all about finding a look which gives you the self-confidence to see yourself in a better light. You’re likely already very attractive, but if you want to bring out your eyes or conceal elements of your face which you don’t like then you need to find the route to ridding yourself of self-doubt. You could look into companies such as The Beauty Store if you’re feeling uninspired by the makeup or jewelry that you currently own. Accessorizing should be fun, of course. This should be a chance to accentuate the elements of your face that you like and perhaps play down the elements that you don’t like. At the end of the day, you should be putting on makeup for you and not because other people make you feel less confident.

Smile more.

Anxiety isn’t really something you can overcome with a smile, especially when it comes to self-doubt with regards to your appearance. Nonetheless, smiling is a very attractive trait in itself; it brings out the best parts of your appearance. If you try doing so a little more you might find that your stress drops away when people start smiling back at you and appreciating your appearance a little more. Most importantly, it’s good practice to not give yourself grief if you’re having a bad hair, face or body day. Learning to just smile (even if you’re faking it until you make it) could help you feel a little calmer.

Essentially, you should try to ignore your mirror (or you could even take it down). You might find that you stop experiencing stress acne as soon as you stop thinking about your appearance so much. Anxiety and stress take a toll on your appearance and can make you look worse which makes you feel worse. The cycle continues when you live life this way. Start avoiding the mirror in your life, smiling at people to see if they smile back and seeing your friends more. If you’re surrounded by good people then appearance won’t even matter to them (and, in fact, they probably think you look much better than you think you do).

Naomi Isted
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