The Green, Green House As A New Home

The Green, Green House As A New Home

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We all have our own priorities when it comes to moving home. For the vast majority of us, the price we get on the new home will be high up that list, along with getting the best price for the house we’re selling. Then add to that matters of convenience, such as proximity to work (for you), school (for the kids), the quality of the neighborhood, and so on.

We all have our own priorities, but much of our lists will wind up looking much the same.

One item that may not have crossed your mind for that list is the issue of ‘green living’. Sure, if someone asked you about it, you wouldn’t be averse to living in a greener home. But would you consider it a priority? Possibly not. Maybe, though, you should. There are numerous ways and means to make a move greener – and, more intriguingly, there are also various advantages to putting environmental concerns at the top of your list.

1) Watch those bills fall.

Wherever you are living now, one of the most pressing concerns every time you get your paycheck is to make sure that bills are covered. Heating, electricity, water… they add up quickly to a huge chunk of your expenses. Living in a greener home isn’t just better for the environment; it works for your bank balance too. A more efficient home will cost less to heat and to power. You may even be able to sell energy back to the grid if you’re using renewable electricity sources.

2) You can build your own dream home.

Depending on where you live, the incentives for new green builds are increasingly catching the eye of movers. By choosing to build new rather than moving into an existing – and therefore less efficient – home, you can take advantage of these incentives for yourselves. The extra finance options may make it more viable to move into the home of your dreams.

And don’t worry – you don’t need to be an architect. There are plenty of companies that can help your dreams come to life when creating luxury homes,so all you need is a strong vision and a will to do something different.

Also take advantage of the chance to sculpt your own garden from nothing but bare earth, giving you a level of control and even more green points than you could have imagined.

3) Your health will see the benefits, too.

Choosing a greener home also means choosing a healthier home. This is evident in the materials used to build the house, which are free of contaminants that were present in older building materials. It is also the case that the indoor air quality of your home will be superior; HVAC systems in greener houses help to guarantee the air you are breathing will be cleaner and safer.

4) Green boosts your resale value.

Okay, so if you’re just moving in then you’re probably not going to be thinking about what you will be able to sell the house for. Nonetheless, the day of sale will come, and studies have shown that greener homes can realise an additional 5% on their resale value. Definitely something to keep in mind.

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