The Essential Post-Wedding Checklist

The Essential Post-Wedding Checklist


Once the guests have gone home, the honeymoon is over, and the hangover has subsided, the post-wedding blues can loom. All your hard work has led up to that one perfect day, but you can’t just relax with your new spouse straight away. Put aside a bit of time after the honeymoon to get everything finished, and you’ll find the start of married life runs smoothly. Here are six things you’re going to want to achieve, hopefully before the first anniversary.

Change Your Name

If you’ve decided to change your name legally (Facebook doesn’t count), you’ll want to allot some time to it. Start off with a list of organisations that will need your new legal name – your bank and the DVLA are a good place to start. Most companies will accept a copy of your marriage certificate as proof, but some will want to see the original.

Return unused decorations

Overbuying on decorations before the wedding seemed sensible. Yet there’s only so many tealights and confetti one couple needs! Hopefully, you’ve kept the receipts, so returning them back to the shop should be easy. If not, try eBay, or even offer them to engaged friends and family members.

Say thanks

Your friends and family have travelled from near and far to celebrate your big day with you. Many of them will have brought beautiful gifts and a whole lot of love, so it’s essential to show your gratitude. Personalized wedding thank you cards should be sent out as soon as possible after your day, so don’t put it off.

Compile Your Wedding Album

The tireless work of your photographer has paid off, and you’ve finally got hundreds of photos to plough through and select. Don’t just upload them to Facebook and send them to your whole extended family. Make sure you compile a wedding album to show off for years to come. There are some stunning albums available, so make sure you shop around.

Store the Dress

With the amount of food and wine going around at weddings, your dress is inevitably going to get a little bit dirty. For the best results, take it to a professional cleaners as soon as you can after the big day. Once it’s as good as new, cover it in a clothes bag to keep out the dust. You can then store it somewhere dry where it won’t get squashed, so you can take it out for years to come.

Review Your Vendors

It’s a bit of a thankless job, working as a wedding vendor. If you think your florist or your stylist have helped to make your day perfect, then make sure you tell everybody. Try sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor for this. Otherwise an email to the company or a comment on their website is great. It will help them to grow their business, so it’s all good karma for you.

Once you’ve completed this list, it’s time to relax in each others’ company and finally fall comfortably into married life.

Naomi Isted
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