The Essential Guide To Getting Married In Italy!

The Essential Guide To Getting Married In Italy!

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One of the top places where people decide to go and get married is the gorgeous country of Italy. It’s very romantic, and you can get great photographs which you can keep for years to come. Here is your essential guide to getting married in Italy.

Decide where you want to get married in Italy

You need to decide firstly where you want to get married in Italy. There are so many undiscovered gems where you could have your wedding. You need to choose an area which is easy to get to so everyone can make it there without fussing over transport. As we talked about before, a lot of people choose Verona as it was the setting for Shakespeare’s romantic play Romeo & Juliet. It’s full of history and has many stunning venues to have your wedding. Other people choose Venice as a Wedding destination as they can take a beautiful gondola ride after the ceremony to the reception venue.

Accept not everyone will be able to come

Another thing you need to know about getting married in Italy is that you need to accept not everyone will be able to make the wedding. It’s expensive getting flights and finding accommodation for the trip abroad. It also means they will have to get a longer time off work, and it can be stressful travelling with kids. Accept that you will have a smaller wedding if you do get married in Italy. Smaller weddings can be very intimate and beautiful.

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Find a great venue for the service and reception

You need to make sure you find a great venue for the service and reception if you do decide to get married in Italy. You can research online to find out the best places to have your wedding. They will likely have a wedding coordinator who will be able to speak some English and help you to plan your wedding day. You could also check out Wedding Planners in Italy who will be able to sort out a venue and find suppliers for your day. It will ensure you end up with a beautiful venue that will help you have a great wedding day.

Find out what the legal requirements are for the marriage in Italy

Another thing you need to do when you decide to get married in Italy is to check what the legal requirements are for the marriage. You will need to get a certificate of no impediment from your local registry office. Also, you need to get a statutory declaration which is completed in front of a solicitor. You then need to get them legalised and then you need to get your certificate of no impediment translated to Italian. You can then send them to the town hall in the town you are planning to get married in. Find out more about the legal requirements here for your marriage abroad. Make sure you have a valid passport too. It is slightly more complicated if you want a religious ceremony. Look here for a guide to Catholic weddings in Italy.

Remember to stay for your honeymoon in Italy. You may want to go and explore other areas while you are there, and it can be nice to have some alone time away from your parents!

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