The Emergency Essentials You Should Never Travel Without

The Emergency Essentials You Should Never Travel Without


Do you love travelling? It wouldn’t be a surprised if you answered with a confident “YES!”. Everyone loves to travel. Be it for the sake of making yourself happy, experiencing something you’ve never thought about before, or going on a romantic getaway with your partner, going on a holiday is a rewarding, relaxing and occasionally magical experience. However, it can all come crashing down if you don’t pack properly for your destination, or even for travel in general. So to save you the hassle of having your holiday ruined, here are a couple of travel essentials that you should never leave the country without.

Your Smartphone

There’s an endless list of things that a smartphone can give you. To name a few, you can use it to phone people, read maps, listen to music, take notes and even translate languages. It goes without saying that a smartphone is an essential piece of kit that everyone should take if they plan to travel. You’ll be completely lost without it, and you’ll need it in the event you encounter an emergency. Make sure you contact your network and let them know you’ll be travelling. This will help you reduce costs so you don’t accidentally accumulate and insane bill when you return.

Medical Supplies

Make sure you don’t skimp on the medical supplies when you travel. Carry some hand sanitizer so you can keep your hands free of germs, make sure you take your medication with you, and always ensure you have some stomach medicine. This is especially important if you plan to be adventurous with your meals. Medicine like Caruso’s constipation tablets and some cough and cold tablets should be in everyone’s emergency supplies bag. Take some disinfectant and bandages as well if you plan to go hiking or exploring on your own. The last thing you want is to cut yourself and end up with an infected wound.

Bottled Water

No matter where you go, carry some water. It will help you stay hydrated (especially in hot climates) and you’ll never know if the streams or water you hike past contain safe drinking water or not. Once you’re finished with the bottle, keep it so you can fill it when you reach a place with palatable water. This isn’t as important if you’re in a city environment, but it’s crucial if you plan to go hiking or if the location you’re visiting doesn’t have safe drinking water available.

Spare Wallet

A spare wallet should contain a lot of items. It should have some extra change and money, additional identification, emergency contact numbers, a secondary debit or credit card (if you own one) and preferably with a survival tool attached. As a tourist, you’re going to be a target for theft, be it in your accommodation or on the street, so always have a second wallet stored someplace in your hotel room, suitcase or additional bag. Never carry both of them with you at the same time so they don’t both get stolen at the same time.

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