The Basics Of A Timeless Wardrobe

The Basics Of A Timeless Wardrobe



If fashion is your life, your wardrobe is your passion. Every self-respecting fashionista needs to be able to look in their wardrobe and pick out a stunning outfit. Whether that’s a little black dress or a casual shirt and jeans combination, it’s vital that you have options. Otherwise, you’ll find it harder and harder to look good on a daily basis. There is no need to make your life hard work when it comes to fashion. Why? It’s because there are a handful of basics that help create a timeless wardrobe so that yours never goes out of fashion. If you want to know more, continue reading.

A White T-shirt

There is nothing more flexible than a white t-shirt. Whether you wear it underneath a jacket or tucked into your skirt, you will look the business. Hell, you can even wear it on its own and look as fashionable as anyone on the high street. In simple terms, this item is as versatile as a piece of clothing comes, which should make it a staple of anyone’s wardrobe. Oh, and there’s more. You can find excellent T’s at places like Tessuti for very little money. The great thing about a white T-shirt is the fact that you don’t need to splash out to for the perfect look.

Skinny Jeans

One of the great things about a pair of skinny jeans is the flexibility. Sure, it doesn’t feel like they are flexible when they are suffocating your legs. It feels more like someone has painted them on with a brush! In a fashion sense, however, they are incredibly versatile. There is nothing wrong with putting on a set of jeans for a night out or to go for dinner. They are equally as comfy when you are running errands, too. Jeans offset the rest of your look, from the boots to the top, which makes them essential.


Yes, ladies, the little black dress might be a cliché, but it’s also a lifesaver. From a practical point of view, the LBD doesn’t have much appeal. After all, you’re more jeans and a jumper in your everyday life. However, there are times when a girl needs to let loose and wow a room full of people. The only way to do that is to wear a classy dress that leaves something to the imagination. Don’t let the name confuse you because it doesn’t need to be black. It also doesn’t have to be little if you want to be more conservative. What it should do is accentuate your figure and make you feel a million dollars.


You can’t have a timeless wardrobe without any accessories. The question is which ones do you choose? The simple answer is a pair of sunglasses. As far as fashion goes, sunnies are the Don. Because it’s summer, they are an excellent way to supplement any look without even trying. In fact, they can even make some looks if you’re going for the 1960s Audrey Hepburn style. Oh, and don’t forget that they prevent eye damage. In layman’s terms, they are flexible and practical.

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