The Balanced Home: A Household Concept We Can All Agree On

The Balanced Home: A Household Concept We Can All Agree On

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Homes are the focus of so many different buzzwords and new concepts in the modern day. Often they’re borrowed from Scandinavia, like hygge in 2016 and lagom this year (if the latter passed you by, it’s a concept based on moderation – which, as points out, made it a poor successor to hygge). So often do we read about these concepts that it can be tempting to wonder if they’re just putting a new name on something that’s always been there.

Equally, when you’re basing the decoration or general layout of your home on a concept, it can be pretty strait-jacketing, can’t it? If you take a single word as your inspiration, then you can easily end up with a house that’s all plush rugs and throws – excellent for home relaxation, but it doesn’t inspire you to get down to work when you know you have to.

Therefore, if you’re going to use one word as your inspiration for modelling your home, let it be a good one, easily definable, and most importantly one that gives you room for your personality. In other words, let’s present the perfect concept for 2018 or any other year: The Balanced Home. It can be hygge in places, even a little lagom here and there, but most importantly, it’s your home.

It Should Be Luxurious…

This is the place you’re going to spend most of your downtime. It follows, then, that it should be a place where you can luxuriate. A spacious bathroom with full bath is a good start, but to up the ante the likes of can fit speakers in there (and all the way through the house) so you can have music without needing to put your phone in a bowl and hope it doesn’t get wet. Yes, some throws and rugs are useful here too – cosy is good.

But It Should Be Businesslike

Of course, if you turn your home into the ultimate chillout pad, it can be easy to forget there’s a world outside, bills to be paid and work to be done. Therefore, you’ve got to have a part of your home that’s all business. A small study or a spare bedroom can work, and ideally it will be somewhere without a TV or any visual distraction. Working from home still needs to mean working.

It Should Be Bright…

It’s just a fact; brighter colours have a beneficial effect on our mental wellbeing. A lot of modern homes are decorated in a monochrome style that is beautifully stylish and looks like a work of art. After a day or two of living there, though, the lack of colour can become a grind. So the old faithful “splash of colour” is a necessity here.

…But It Should Be Tasteful

Of course, there is a line that you can end up crossing when you get excited about adding colour to a home. A rug, a few cushions, even a sofa that’s bright pink (for example) can be beautiful. An entire room painted in the same colour can be an eyesore; let the furnishings be “out there”, and the whole-room decor keep it on the tasteful side.

Of course, all of this is one way of balancing a house. Other people will have their own ideas, and that’s what makes it interesting. How would you go about it?

Naomi Isted
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