The Art Of Relaxation: Turning Your Living Room Into A Zen Paradise

The Art Of Relaxation: Turning Your Living Room Into A Zen Paradise


Sometimes at the end of the day, all we really want to do is retreat from the world. Maybe work’s been crazy all week, or the kids are finally in bed asleep so you have the first few minutes of ‘you’ time that you’ve had all day – no matter what your reasons are, it’s important for you to have a space that you can feel fully relaxed in. Here are some tips to help you turn your living room into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Paint The Walls

What color are your living room walls? You might think that darker colors turn the space into a cozy little den, but what you really need is as much light, air and space as you can get. Paint the walls white or very pale grey for a cool, peaceful look. Not only can you change up the room as often as you like by adding and taking away accessories like throw pillows and rugs, but you’ll also feel more calm and zen when you’re in there in the evenings.

Add Some Greenery

Get some plants, like a tall fern or maybe some cacti, to brighten up the room. Not only will they contribute to the health of your family by adding more oxygen to the atmosphere of your home, but they look great and will add some brightness. If you can, buy fresh flowers to put in vases on your surfaces. They’re a touch of indulgence and treating yourself and will make you smile every time you see them.

Invest In Comfortable Furniture

There’s no way that you can truly relax in your living room if you aren’t physically comfortable. Look around for a couch that works for you, and figure out what you need from your seating arrangements before you start arguing with your partner in the middle of the store! Maybe you want two sofas, or one and two chairs. Think about your family’s requirements. A lot of designer sofas provide good back support as well as style, so if you have any back or neck pain, make sure you pick furnishings that suit and will support you.

Declutter Your Space

If your space is cluttered, chances are your mind will be too. Tackle one surface per evening to make it a manageable task, and make sure you’re firm with yourself so you throw away things that you no longer want or need. Try to make sure that your living room and your bedroom are the two uncluttered rooms in your home – they’re the ones you need to relax in most. In the future, get a basket to keep by the door to put any items of clutter into through the week, and sort through it on a designated evening to keep your surfaces free of mess.

Add Some Fragrance

If you’d like to relax even more in the evenings, try out scented candles or reed diffusers. Pick relaxing scents like lavender so you float off to bed feeling relaxed and ready to sleep. Just make sure that you never leave an exposed flame burning when you’re not there, particularly if you have small children or pets who may knock it over.

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