The Art of Creating A Relaxing Garden

The Art of Creating A Relaxing Garden

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Modern life can be intense, and nothing can ease the strains and stresses of the outside world than a comfy home – and garden. But how do you go about creating the ultimate, relaxing garden that you can step into, enjoy, and just take it easy? I’ve thrown together a few ideas for you – so read on to find out more.


First of all, think about creating a private space in your garden. I’ not suggesting walling yourself in at all – sometimes it’s nice to have a traditional chat over the garden fence with a friendly neighbour. But, nothing is stopping you from creating a secluded spot, surrounded by hedges and a few small trees. Even a simple trellis area can work, complete with vines and tall growing plants to give that extra privacy. You can put the smallest of summerhouses or arbours in there with ease, and have a relaxing spot to while away some quality ‘you time’.

A lawn

Don’t underestimate the relaxing atmosphere a lawn can create in your garden. OK, so during the colder months it can get a little messy, and it also needs a fair amount of care throughout the year. However, kicking your shoes off and wandering around your garden on a beautiful lawn is one of life’s pleasures, while lying on a soft patch of lush grass is just an incredibly relaxing experience. A little decking is a good idea, too – and when the weather turns colder is ideal for avoiding the damp soil and grass. But never think that a fully decked garden can get close to the ultimate relaxation of a well-tended lawn.


Garden furniture is purely a question of choice. Some people like wood, others like metal. But whatever your preference, it’s worth investing a good deal of time on making the right decision. You don’t have to spend a lot. For example, you can buy rattan direct from an online store for peanuts these days, and it is long-lasting, comfortable, and requires little maintenance. But if you are going to invest, consider getting some comfy cushions and sofa mattresses to combine with your furniture so you can lay back and soak up the sun in maximum comfort.

Get into gardening

Gardening is incredibly rewarding and therapeutic. You can spend hours pottering about outside on a beautiful day, and it reduces your stress levels and makes you feel like you are achieving something and contributing to the world. Plus, the more you look after your garden, the better plants and flowers you will grow – encouraging all kinds of wildlife, from lovely insects to singing birds. That said, I can’t lie – gardening can be backbreaking work. But you can remove a lot of the heavy lifting and digging by creating a small and simple greenhouse space.

Do you have a relaxing garden? If so, why not share your hints and tips with everyone? Just leave a comment in the section below and rest assured you will be helping someone out there achieve Zen – right in time for the summer’s arrival in a few months.

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