The 5 Major Signs Of Ageing and How To Fight Them Off


The 5 Major Signs Of Ageing & How To Fight Them Off

Every new beauty product seems to come with a bold claim to reduce the signs of aging. Every week there’s a new cream or moisturiser that will help you look ten years younger. Do they hold up to their grand statements, or is it just marketing? Well, before you can answer that question, you need to understand the signs of aging. What exactly are the biggest aging giveaways?

1. Thinning hair
When talking about the aging process, most people tend to focus on the skin. It’s certainly true that skin is the first thing to go, and wrinkles are often the biggest concern. However, your hair plays a big part in the perception of age. Of course, we all know that gray hair is an obvious sign of aging. To counteract that, you’ll simply have to start dying it. But, there’s a bigger problem. Thinning hair is much more difficult to cover up, and contributes significantly to your age. Make sure you are washing it every day with a shampoo designed for your hair. Keep the moisture locked in and keep your hair healthy and strong.

2. Wrinkles
Wrinkles are everyone’s worst nightmare. The first few crow’s feet and forehead lines are a sure sign that your age is catching up with you. The best way to fight them off is to implement a healthy skin regime. Drink plenty of water, eat your fruit and vegetables, and apply plenty of moisturiser. Getting lots of sleep also helps more than you think. If those lines are already coming in, try a variety of anti-aging creams and see which responds best.

3. Tired eyes

Those late nights, early mornings, and hectic work schedules take their toll on our eyes. Dark circles and bags begin to form underneath, and wrinkles set in. Even the eyes themselves become a little more bloodshot. It’s often worth taking a trip to a medical spa to bring your eyes back to life with dedicated treatments. There are also plenty of makeup tricks to help cover tired eyes. Simply using fake eyelashes works wonders.

4. Teeth
Like our hair, we often forget about our teeth. When we focus heavily on skin and wrinkles, we don’t realise that our teeth are giving away our true age! As teeth age, they fade to a dull yellow colour, and cavities can quickly form. Try to avoid foods and drinks that stain teeth like coffee and red wine. Cut out sugar from your diet and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine.


5. Skin
We’ve pinpointed wrinkles and tired eyes as two important aging areas of our skin. However, there are others to watch out for. Our hands, knees, and ankles are particularly susceptible to aging signs. Blotches, spots, and tired skin hit these areas first. Again, good skin care is essential. But, you can go the extra mile by taking advantage of hand creams.

Now you know how to spot the signs of aging, you can actively fight them off! Take active steps to avoid these creeping processes, and lock in your youth!

Naomi Isted
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