TGCN SS17 Interview


Up and coming designer Tugcan Dokmen, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art, gives us all the details on her SS17 collection.


Tell us about where you trained.

I studied at Central Saint Martin’s and then worked in Paris and New York for a bit.  Then I studied at the Royal College of Art and this is my first time at LFW, exhibiting a collection that is a spin off from my graduate collection.

Was there a particular moment in life that sparked your desire to go into fashion? TGCN

I don’t remember it’s been in my mind since forever. It’s a lot about business all of a sudden than designing but it’s still fun.

What is the inspiration behind your debut collection?

I love colours and working with colours. I love dying and creating different tones through that process. I wanted to do it without dying though, which ultimately become about layering tulle on top of each other and creating different tones and shadows. I was also looking at those polo shirts that men wear which aren’t very fashionable but I like them because my father wears them. Back home Turkish men wear polo shirts a lot and I find it cute because in summer they are all wearing these polo shirts in bright yellow, pink and green.

What was the reasoning for only working with tulle?

It’s because working with tulle is very difficult and I like that it needs attention. So it’s just me most of the time with my audio book in my studio, being very patient and just layering. I like that it’s elegant and at least for now I don’t want to work with heavy materials. I like the floaty- ness and femininity of it.

Is that a big part of designing, challenging yourself?

Yeah at least for a while, I want to carry on working with tulle it feels right. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few seasons.

Describe the collection in three words?

Colour, modern beauty, and patience.

What was the most difficult aspect of designing this collection? TGCN

I made everything by myself so it takes a lot of time. Some pieces have 25 layers of tulle so working by myself was hard.

What kind of woman would wear this collection?

It’s always different. But I’m aiming for the young and adventurous. Some pieces are quite revealing so you need to have a fun attitude towards what you wear.

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?

ME! (laughs)

Do you take any inspiration from your background?

No, it’s not like I wanted to pay homage to the Ottoman Empire. But definitely, once again, the tradition of Turkish men wearing loud polo shirts inspired me. Also I wanted to modernise the traditional beading found in Turkish culture and used a lot bugle beads. I had a lot more beading in my graduate show and wanted to bring them to this collection also.

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