Taking Your Fitness Hobby To The Next Level

Taking Your Fitness Hobby To The Next Level


We all need goals and incentives to keep ourselves motivated. If you’ve been getting complacent with your gym routine or feel you’re no longer challenged by an active hobby, it may time to step things up a notch. Here are just a few ways that you can take your physical activity to the next level.

Get equipped

Buying all the gear can be a great motivation to stick at a hobby. Take cycling as an example – a decent bike, helmet and some waterproof clothing could motivate you to take your cycling the extra mile as you’ll be faster, safer and more comfortable. Yes, buying equipment costs money, but knowing you’ve spent that money on proper gear may persuade you not to let it all go to waste. Every physical hobby you can think of has its own specialised equipment whether it’s a pair of top-of-the-range football boots or a pair of weightlifting gloves.

Train with tech

There are all kinds of gadgets and apps that can improve performance, many of which are great for tracking progress and setting goals. Runners in particular have all kinds of tech at their fingertips. There’s a myriad of running apps out there that can record the distance you’ve travelled, the time you’ve done it in and the calories you’ve burnt. You can get running shoes that can measure how you run (whether you’re running heavily more on one shoe or the other) and then relay stats back to you through an app on your phone. Wrist straps meanwhile can measure your heart rate and body temperature. Tech has found a place in all manner of sports and activities with even water proof wearable gadgets available for swimmers.

Enter a competition

Competition is the ultimate incentive for many. Some may find competing against themselves the ultimate motivation, whilst others may prefer to compete against others. You don’t need to take part in an official competition to let loose your competitive side, but for many people it provides a challenge that can’t just be completed any day of the week, requiring real training and commitment to work towards. This could be anything from a 5k run to a bodybuilding competition to a weightlifting tournament to a team event. Many people don’t think they’re good enough to compete, but booking yourself for a competition could give you the incentive to ensure that you are good enough.


If you’re current active hobby just doesn’t stimulate you anymore, diversifying and taking up a new hobby could be the way forward. You don’t have to choose something wildly different – many people that have tried a martial art may branch out and try another. If your hobby is running, you could try taking up hiking instead. If you’re into skiing, you could try snowboarding. A new hobby could give you a new goal – even if it isn’t for you, there’s nothing to stop you moving on and trying something else. You could even aim to try a new activity every week by taking advantage of free taster sessions in your area – by trying lots of things, you may find something perfect for you. As long as the new hobby is still active, you’ll still be getting your fitness fix.

Hire a personal trainer

With a personal trainer to help tailor the right training methods to you, you may be able to find more motivation. Some people need another person to spur them on. They could help you work towards a goal by finding exercising or training methods that you never considered. There are lots of trainers out there so make sure you find one specialised to your individual passion.

Group training is also an option and there are many boot camps and exercise classes that can give you the incentive of being trained by someone and having other people to work with and compete against. Spin classes are a popular pursuit for people trying to lose weight. Outdoor exercise phenomena such as CrossFit meanwhile can help you stay fit by giving you a taste of the outdoors.

Make fitness a living  

Alternatively, you don’t have to hire a trainer – you could learn to train other people instead. A fitness salary can be very high if you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit for it. You’ll be constantly doing what you love whilst making money from it, which is most people’s dream.

In most cases, you’ll first need qualifications. Becoming an instructor of a sport may require you to train to a certain level and then take a course, whilst becoming a personal trainer may require you to take a special fitness instructor course. You don’t have to work for yourself and could make a living working at a gym, but often having your own clients is the way to make a profit (most people will work part time at a gym, giving them some form of stable income and a place to attract clientele).

Setting up your own gym might be a little more complicated and requires various laws, licenses and insurance schemes to keep it running. Starting an exercise club or a group may also require insurance schemes, although you won’t have the costs of a premises to consider.

Start a fitness blog

Another way of taking your fitness habit to the next level could be to start your very own fitness blog. This could be a way of giving advice but without the full commitment of a career. Alternatively, you could start a blog as a way of publically recording your progress (for example, you could blog your days training up to a marathon as a way of both spurring yourself on and providing inspiration to others).

One step further than a blog, you could start a vlog. Youtube is full of people giving fitness advice and exercise classes through videos. You could even simply use it as a way of showing others your personal accomplishments.

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