Tackling Common Projects As A Freelance Home Designer

freelance home designer

Your home is a nest you build around your family. It’s a place of safety and happiness. It’s a place where the decor serves as an extension of your personality. It’s a place that fuels your spirit with positivity every single time.

That, however, is easier said than done. If you’ve spent some time with friends or relatives recently, you’ve probably noticed that most people are too busy dealing with everyday issues and events to sit down and carefully consider what their interior should say about themselves. In fact, more often than not, a family’s home decor is the mismatched result of partners moving in together with disparate furniture, affordable IKEA student items that have been kept over the years, and bits and bobs found at a discounted price during the local sales. In other words, the only thing these organically grown decors can inspire about a person is how little they care for and understand their decor. It’s messy. It’s inelegant. And it tells the wrong story about the homeowner.

That’s precisely why freelance home designers are so influential in the creation of a homely interior. Interior designers are responsible for making the space functional, safe and beautiful through a strategic analysis of a person’s requirements, tastes, and lifestyle. So, for anyone out there wondering how they could use their sense of taste and eye for design effectively, this might be the dream career. However, like with any dream, you need to be prepared for the most common projects to make sure you can hit the ground running – or designing as it may be. Are you ready to put your creative skills to the service of home improvement? Home designers need to prepare a portfolio of ideas to best respond to these common projects, from self-promotion to inspiring decor ideas.

Maximise the curb appeal

The first job is to boost your online presence

First and foremost, your priority is to establish a solid and visible online presence. Indeed, you need to be aware that home interior is a highly competitive market. In an environment where most users turn to their favourite social media platform, Pinterest or even Instagram, to sample ideas, you have to showcase your skills and expertise to attract clients. In other words, you need to create high-quality content that not only attracts visitors but also outranks the major competition. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in handy to showcase your key offering and allow new customers to find you on search engines. As 92% of users do not look further than page 1 of the search result, you can’t afford to build a weak SEO strategy. Your keyword selection is essential as this will address what your potential clients need most. However, while you need a primary keyword, such as home designer, you’ll find that long-tail keyword terms are more effective. Keeping your content relevant and addressing popular trends in real time through your blog can provide a strategic approach to rank among inspirational DIY platforms such as Pinterest. Nevertheless, while your web content matters, you should neglect social media presence. However, Pinterest is not a wise choice to reach out to potential clients. Instagram, however, lets you build a profile and showcase your work and your day-to-day inspiration. This makes a great deal of difference in reaching out to a new audience. As a home designer, your role is to show what homes could be. You encourage people to want a better interior. You take them on a journey through a room makeover. You let them begging for more inspiration and designs. You sell dreams of homes sweet homes.

Aside from your online presence, there is still a lot for you to do to help homeowners improve their properties. Here are the most popular projects you’ll be working on.

Most homeowners need you to create their garden oasis

Most people want a home with a garden. And, surprisingly enough, once they’ve bought their sweet little nest, they tend to let the garden to its own device. Of course, for a lot of homeowners, life is too busy to think about garden landscaping. They work every day and come back home only to relax. There is no time to turn the turf outside and make it into a lush paradise of vegetation and wildlife. So, you’ll find yourself discussing the potential of garden improvements, with people who, as they admit it themselves, have little do so with their gardens. They simply hate the idea of watching it decay and grow wild in front of their windows. Once you’ve asserted the kind of lifestyle your clients enjoy, you can suggest easy and yet elegant solutions. For families who have no pet and want to use their outdoors as an extension of their home, a decking project will tame the wilderness and create additional living areas. Of course, you don’t want to get rid of the entire garden, as the presence of greenery is both appealing and relaxing. But in an unmaintained garden, your priority is to look after the soil and give it its fertility and strength back. Adding a pond with aquatic plants in and outside of the water can create a manageable and attractive landscape. Pond vegetation is sturdy and doesn’t need much looking after, which is often an ideal solution for a busy family. Beware though, ponds can be dangerous is a family with young children.

Garden decking

Children’s rooms are a popular project

You’ll find that families who are expecting their first child are less and less likely to design the nursery room by themselves. In fact, busy lifestyles and professional requirements can make it really difficult for future parents-to-be to prepare the room of their baby. With the Millennials being especially vocal about gender neutrality, you will be surprised by some of the projects asking for nursery decors that don’t display or influence the choices of the baby. If you’re new to gender-neutral designs, here’s a little word of warning first: It’s not all black, white and grey shades. You can have a lot of fun with it. For a stylish rural home, you can be playful with a tribal decor mixing authentic Aztec-inspired feels and hand-woven textiles. If the house has more of a digital and modern feel, you can add a creative touch by decorating the ceiling with a sky-inspired wallpaper. You’ll find as well that parents come to you to help their teens find inspiration for a new decor.

My friendly kitchen for the whole family

As the family grows, more and more households struggle with a poorly equipped kitchen. A kitchen for a young couple with a baby doesn’t cover the needs of a family with two, three or four children. So, you might be called in to discuss the requirements of a kitchen extension that would meet the family needs, their budget and, of course, their home style. As a result, you will also need to know how to work with an architect team and a team of home constructors to help manage the project. Your priority when creating the ideal kitchen is to understand the family’s aspirations for a healthy lifestyle. For instance, you’ll find that a lot of busy families are happy to replace the inner island by a second oven, in which they can get their baking batches ready ahead for the week to come. Nature-lovers and DIY enthusiasts are keen to have more space to prepare their meals and keep fresh vegetables and fruits.

A place to work in peace, the home office

When a family member decides to work from home, they soon come to realise that their home is not equipped to support their professional activities. You can’t work effectively from a table corner in the kitchen or from your bedroom. You need a home office. And that’s where your designing skills will be extremely useful. Working from home offers a new opportunity for people to manage their work/life balance. However, it is essential to define clearly and visibly the limits of their workspace and their home. The first thing to consider for your client is the kind of equipment they’ll need. You’ll need to set up the right lighting solution as well and establish a private and quiet environment.

Don’t confuse living room and working room

When the family has adopted a pet

One of the most surprising projects you will have to deal with is when a family decides to adopt a pet and wants to adjust their interior accordingly. Ultimately, you need to help them make their home pet-friendly. One of the important considerations is the floor. With large animals, such as dogs or large cat breeds, you need to choose durable floors, using stone or ceramic tiles or even painted concrete. Avoid hardwood floors as they show scratches and dents easily.

Get me some curb appeal

Finally, the curb appeal is becoming more and more important for long-term homeowners who want to change the appearance of their home. Creating an exciting external look through facade painting, front garden landscaping can revive the homely feel.

From digital expertise to getting to understand the psychology behind the family life, your role as a home designer comprises a variety of soft skills. You need an eye for design and a heart for family matters. Remember, you’re the one who makes the home into a nest!


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