Survive The Wedding By Doing One Thing: Priotizing

Survive The Wedding By Doing One Thing: Priotizing


When it comes to planning a wedding, rarely could it be called an ‘easy’ affair. Not if you want it to look anything like the kind of scene you’ve been dreaming up for years. But it doesn’t need to be quite as stressful as it’s played up to be. The one problem that many couples have when planning the wedding is that the fail to prioritize. Here, we’re going to look at how you get the most important parts done first so that the rest start falling into place.


Sort the money first

You can’t start making any decisions without knowing how much you’re willing to spend on it, of course. This is the first big, serious talk you and your partner must have about the wedding. If you start picking out venues and vendors before you’ve even looked at the money you can expect to spend, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Budget first, dream later. Insurance is another big part of making sure you’re doing this sensibly. Plans get changed all the time thanks to life’s interferences and services like make sure that you’re not caught too off-guard when those changes happen. Without a bit of protection, you might be left unable to sort out a plan B in time at all.

Start collecting inspiration straight away

Once you’ve got your money arranged, that’s when you start looking at the meat of the wedding. The flowers, the vendors, the food, the décor, and so on and so forth. But this isn’t when you start actually picking things. No, first, you give all your ideas plenty of time to stew. Pinterest is a great tool for scrapbooking all the different wedding ideas and pictures you see online. Your friends and family are going to chip in, as well. But you want to keep some secrets from even then. For that reason, when they want to see your inspiration board, show them your public one. Keep a private one for the extra special touches you want to incorporate.


Pick your party

When you get into the thick of organizing things, you’re going to want some help. They will be the company that comes to wedding fairs. They’ll be instrumental in giving you the confidence to pick the dress you want. They will be the stress relief that gets you back on your feet when you’re just feeling beat by the whole ordeal. This is time to pick the wedding party. Siblings and the closest of friends will all be in the mix. But picking the right ones is all about choosing those who understand their duties and understand that this isn’t a hands-off honour. You’re going to need help and they need to be okay with that.

Decide the guest list

No, it’s not time to start putting money anywhere just yet. Just like you can’t make any decisions without figuring out how much you can spend, you can’t do it without understanding who and how many people are going to be there. There might be reasons that certain people aren’t able to travel, for instance. You have to remember that every seat involves more money spent on your end, unless they’re willing to pick up the tab which you might have to ask for if there are any plus one’s you’re uncertain about. Really, it’s all going to be about cutting the guest list as suggests, more than anything. Take a couple nights to brainstorm everyone you want to invite, getting input from your closest friends and family members. Don’t feel like you’re beholden to invite anyone in particular, however. Remember that this is your day.


Pick the venue

Only once you’re sure how many people are coming and any restrictions they have, this is when the wedding plans begin in earnest. Obviously, the very first of the plans should be the venue itself. It’s going to play the biggest role in ensuring that everyone can get there and that the logistics of all the vendors you want are going to be in order. This is where the inspiration board starts coming in handy, too. Whether you go abroad or stay home, make sure that it’s the mood you’re picking for, not just the destination.

Pick the rest

Then that’s when you start getting stuck into the meat of the wedding, as we called it above. This is when you start organizing the process of sourcing, listing and picking vendors. Your flowers, your food, any pieces of extra décor you need, your entertainment, any AV needs, so on and so forth. You have the structure of it all laid out already, so you have a bit more time to make sure they fit your needs, rather than having to cancel when you find out that the venue you picked later doesn’t work with them. It’s a good idea to list a couple of back up ideas for everyone you hire for the wedding as well. No-shows are a real thing and having some contacts your wedding party or planner can get in touch with can help you replace any missing pieces quickly.


Start rolling out the invites

Then the correspondence with all the guests begins. Start picking out stationary, making sure that you get the replies you need so you can start actually finalizing the plans. It’s something that plenty of couples forget, but this is the time that you should start setting up a wedding gift list with tips from sites like, too. It can be quite awkward for some people, but you better believe that your guests are going to want to see it. It helps them deal with some of the hassle on their own side, too.

Start with the biggest decisions first and make sure you’re not trying to handle everything at once. In particular, starting with that inspiration board and pick at it now and again in your spare time is going to make finding the décor, vendors, and the like a lot easier when that comes.


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