Surprising Female Celebrities Who Play Video Games

Surprising Female Celebrities Who Play Video Games

I think sometimes we forget that celebrities are real people just like you and me. We put them on such a pedestal that we forget that they can be into really normal activities that you could never imagine. When you see celebs on the red carpet or in the glossy mags looking perfect from head to toe its hard to believe that they may love to indulge in the same things as us. I mean there’s picnics with their kids, walks in the park, going to watch a movie, going out for dinner and playing video games. Video games are obviously becoming increasingly popular and there’s so many online sites for video games and online casinos like M88, which gets incredible traffic, so it shows how popular a hobby this has become. As the internet has grown so has the increasing amount of time we spend online, on our phones, laptops and ipads so its no surprise that celebs are getting new hobbies that involve the ease of being online.

But then there’s the hobbies that you probably wouldn’t immediately imagine your favourite celeb doing like horse-riding, gambling or knitting. Yes exactly, they all sound very random choices but they’re normal activities for lots of people, so why can’t the celebs relax and enjoy normal things just like us? My brother is a massive gamer and I had an ex who was just the same, on computer/video games every spare moment of the day. Obviously playing computer games is much more associated with a hobby for the boys but actually quite a few ladies love to play video games too. My ex played football so had lots of time on his hands after training so if he wasn’t eating he would be playing computer games and would happily play them for hours. But here’s the surprising bit theres loads of stunning female celebs who play video games, here’s my top 5 below:

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So you would probably be surprised to find out that a big video games player is the gorgeous hollywood actress Megan Fox, her favourite games to play are Halo and Mortal Kombat.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.10.30

Another gorgeous female hollywood A-lister is Mila Kunis who’s obsessed in playing World of Warcraft, can you believe it?

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Michelle Rodriguez is renowned for playing the bad girl in her movie so its maybe no surprise then that this gorgeous but feisty celeb is a video gam fan.  Rodriguez loves playing Call of Duty.

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Actress and model Olivia Munn has admitted that she is “so addicted to video games.” Her favourites are Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 3.

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Finally there’s Nicole Gale Anderson the Mean Girls 2 Actress who is a big Minecraft fan.

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