As we are all planning our holidays its time to think seriously how we look after our skin in the sun whilst we are away. I always use factor 50 on my face and yes I still get a nice glow. This holiday I’m using some fab products from Ultrasun, I especially can’t wait to use their Glimmer product. We asked their MD Abi to give our lovely readers some key tanning facts to think about before tanning themselves this summer and please make sure your get a decent sunscreen, like Ultrasun. 


  1. SKIN CANCER IS ON THE RISE: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. Around 13,300 cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in the UK in 2011, that’s 37 people every day. Over the last thirty years, rates of malignant melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any of the current top ten cancers. Sun exposure is the main cause. Cheap flights and last minute deals have made sun breaks the norm and increased UV ray exposure and its frequency.
  1. UVB & UVA – THEY’RE DIFFERENT: You need protection from both. UVB (burning) & UVA (ageing & cell damage) filters are vital. Protection from both is key in preventing skin cancer long term. Ultrasun products give super sensitive, broad spectrum protection from harmful UV rays, and crucially filter UVA at a level of 91-99% against an EU requirement of 33%.
  2. DAMAGE STARTS EARLY: We know it’s important to protect the kids in the sun, but doing that properly is the key to preventing the damage that causes issues in the future. According to Cancer Research a history of sunburn doubles the risk of malignant melanoma and also increases the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. Children need high protection broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection at all times.IMG_7684
  1. SUN CREAM: IT’S ALL IN THE FORMULA: To work, a sun cream needs to be applied properly and it needs to stay put. Ultrasun’s patented liposome technology gives photostabliity – it stays on and stays working, even after repeated water exposure – yes for once all day really means all day! Developed by Swiss formulation experts, Ultrasun sinks straight in, absorbing easily to guarantee no-fuss protection. In addition, especially with kids, check for a solid “free from” list. Ultrasun products are hypo-allergenic with no emulsifiers,  perfume or parabens. This can drastically reduce incidences of prickly heat whilst still allowing a natural tan to develop. Protection that won’t rub off with sweat, swimming or showering.
  1. SHELF LIFE- CHOOSE WISELY: How long a sun cream lasts isn’t just about value, it’s about effectiveness. Selecting products that last more than the average not only means you CAN potentially pack it twice, but it means that the ingredients set to protect still do their job for longer after opening.   Ultrasun products have a shelf life once opened of 2 years (against an average for sun creams of 6-12 months) allowing for multi-use and “cocktailing” different products for different body parts, home and away. 
  1. HOW YOU APPLY SUN CREAM MATTERS: Do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough. Regardless of brand chosen, any application in direct sunlight (IE when you’re already on the sun lounger) increases evaporation before it’s had a chance to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect. As Ultrasun products are all once a day application, doing this first thing keeps everyone protected and free to get on with the holiday. Apply liberally to all exposed, or potentially exposed, parts of the body. The official guidelines given by Colipa (Association of European Cosmetic Industry) are 2mg/cm2 – this approximately corresponds to one teaspoon worth for the face. As a rule of thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, front, back and face (including neck and ears).IMG_7685
  1. SEA, SAND & SNOW: WATCH THE REFLECTION: Now we’re jetting off to an increasingly larger list of exotic locations understanding destination specific sun risks is important: Reflection of the sun’s rays greatly increases the power of radiation. Tailoring correct product to the holiday type is easy when you know:
    1. Snow – up to 80% increase
    2. Sand – up to 15% increase.
    3. Sea Foam – up to 25% increase
  1. SHADE ISN’T THAT SIMPLE:: Over 90% of UV can penetrate light cloud cover, and this remains a common mistake and reason for sunburn – both in the UK and abroad. Shade given by trees and parasols only gives protection from around 70% of UV rays. Protection – applied indoors at the beginning of the day – covers all potential sun scenarios. Out of the shade, remember a simple shadow rule: The shorter your own shadow, the higher the sun and the greater the risk. Shade breaks between 11-3pm in Summertime are recommended.
  1. HIGH PROTECTION ISN’T A LICENCE TO BAKE: Using high sun protection factors can encourage holidaymakers to increase their time in the sun, ironically risking over exposure and thus burning anyway. The level of protection used should focus on skin type and time recommended in the sun with it, take a look here:    You’ll still get a tan with a high protection sun cream – it’ll be slower with less risk and guess what? – it’ll last longer!
  1. SOME BODY PARTS ARE MORE VULNERABLE THAN OTHERS: As we all pursue different activities and holiday types so varies the parts of the body at most risk. The most common site for men to develop a malignant melanoma is on the chest or back which aligns with both sunbathing and working or gardening outside at home. For women it’s more likely on the legs, often forgotten in applying protection, perceived as less sensitive than the face (anti-ageing concerns often play a motivational part here) or parts exposed outside of swimwear on holiday. Lips are often forgotten both on the piste and by the pool, and with no natural shade like the lower lip, the upper lip area in particular shows ageing from sun damage quicker.


Ultrasun products are available from QVC, M&S, John Lewis, World Duty Free and other stores nationwide.

Naomi Isted
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