Summer Breeze: Five Ways Air Conditioning Helps Your HomeSummer Breeze: Five Ways Air Conditioning Helps Your Home

Summer Breeze: Five Ways Air Conditioning Helps Your Home

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Depending on where you are in the world you’ll either love the idea of air conditioning or think it’s a waste of time as it never gets hot enough anyway. Obviously, if you’re living in Alaska we doubt that you’re driving around with the roof down, but for those of you in say the UK, you’ll have noticed our summers are slowly getting warmer. However, there are a few more perks to AC than just its ability to blow cold wind around!

Cool As A Cucumber

It’s hard to argue that air conditionings primary job is, in fact, to cool down rooms by way of cyclically projecting cold air around them. It’ll then reduce the temperature, so you’ll feel more awake, alert and able to concentrate better on what you’re doing. It’s no secret that in hotter countries when summer arrives workers production level slump dramatically. Warm weather can make us feel tired, listless and even sick, plus people will often come into an air conditioned building to escape the sticky, oppressive heat.

Stay Warm And Cozy

It seems strange, but that same air conditioner can also heat spaces in winter, in fact, air conditioning units often produce better results than fires, radiators and underfloor heating as the air is blown evenly around the room which eliminates any icy patches. Central air conditioning systems are also automatically controlled which means the same temperature remains steady for as long as you have it switched on. Fires require refuelling and, depending on your home, radiators often decide to turn off automatically when they feel that they’re hot enough.

Breathe In Clean, Crisp Air

Air Conditioners such as those with HVAC controls are often fitted with filters that trap any pollen, dust particles, air pollution and smoke. The filtered air is then purified while at the same time as being circulated. This aspect is especially beneficial to those who have asthma, or if you have high allergies, are allergic to dust or experience severe spells of hay fever during the summer months.

Dry As A Bone

These units also possess dehumidifying functions that help to reduce the level of damp in the air. This means that your home is less likely to have any mould or mildew, which in turn, can lead to dust mites or fungus growing in dark spaces such as basements, garages and lofts. A damp home isn’t good for anyone’s health, it’s especially dangerous for pets or children, so it’s useful to have a drier atmosphere especially if you live near the ocean or in an area where it frequently rains.

Portable Comfort

Many modern systems are in fact designed for portable use so you can carry them around the house, take them to friends apartments and even on holiday. Not only do you save money on having a full system installed, but they’re also lightweight, yet sturdy and look aesthetically pleasing as well as being useful in heat sensitive spaces. These units are ideal for use in a kitchen or a room that has lots of technology inside, such as a server or computer lab.

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