Style Dilemmas: Solved

Style Dilemmas: Solved

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There are many times in our lives that we can be faced with style dilemmas. Perhaps just reading that sentence takes you right back to the one you faced recently. That moment where you have some place to be, and you are staring blankly at your wardrobe with no clue what to wear. If we are all honest, it isn’t the fact that we haven’t got anything to wear, we just don’t know what to choose. Am I right? I thought it was time to share with you some of the most common events we can all face style dilemmas with, and perhaps offer a bit of inspiration to help you get out of them.

What to wear for date night?

A date night with your partner can be an exciting event. It often isn’t something you get to enjoy too often if you have a busy career or a family. So you may be wanting to savor the moment and make an effort with the outfit you choose. Of course, it mostly will depend on what you have planned, but we opt for a casual dinner and drinks that would match many date nights I feel. Perhaps you want something a little sexy, but not too much. Maybe something you don’t normally wear each day of the week. This is when women dresses from Anthony’s could help you out. A dress is often a go to choice when it comes to things like this, so why change what works?

What to wear for a trip to the beach?

A day trip to the beach can be confusing when it comes to style options so I would suggest layers. Party because beach weather can be different due to the wind from the sea, or even the temperature can be a few degrees less. Consider a pair of shorts and a top, and team it with some great footwear and a cardigan. Don’t leave the house without your sunglasses and sun hat.

What to wear for a day out shopping?

Shopping can be hefty work, there are all the bags to carry as well as trying to look stylish. So you may be struggling with what to wear to enjoy a day out at the shops. This is where you may want to go back to basics and consider the skinny jeans and white shirt combination. It works everytime. Match in with a pair of flats for some comfortable and practical footwear.

What to wear when relaxing in the sun?

Relaxing in the sun can be something you do with company or on your own in your garden. So I would always keep things casual and comfortable so you can enjoy your down time. Maybe some gym shorts and a loose fitting top would be the perfect combination.

What to wear in the workplace?

When it comes to choosing an outfit for the workplace, it can be seen a bit of a minefield. Some employers will have rules and regulations in place whereas others will have more of a free rein. My suggestion would be to put together a capsule wardrobe for workwear of times you know are suitable for your job. This way you can easily mix and match a key few pieces to create different looks.

I hope this has offered you a bit of inspiration for some of the most common style dilemmas.

Naomi Isted
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