Special Occasion Clothes for Kids

Special Occasion Clothes for Kids

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Dressing ourselves for a big event can be challenging enough, without worrying what our kids are going to wear! Striking the right balance between formal and practical is a tough one. Obviously, we all want to look our best for a special occasion, but our kids need to be comfortable too. Here are some outfit ideas for all ages and all occasions. If you have a big event coming up and need some inspiration, take a look!

What Should Your Kids Wear to a Wedding?

Weddings are the ultimate formal occasion, but you also have to bear in mind they’re quite long! Restrictive clothes and itchy fibers are a big no-go. Your children will be expected to sit through a ceremony, pose for photos, and then attend a reception. It’s a long day for anyone, but you have to make sure your kids are comfortable.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Consider dressing a little boy in some checked knee-length shorts. These work particularly well for a spring or summer wedding. Cutting off at the knee is a good idea as it’ll make your child feel more relaxed and comfortable. Turned hems and the checked pattern add some smartness. A simple white shirt and a bowtie and your little ones ready! Bowties are great. Children love them because they look grown-up and smart. They’re also better than ties because they won’t get in the way when they’re running around at the reception.

What About Footwear?

It doesn’t matter if your little girl is wearing a dress, trousers, or a skirt, pumps are a great footwear choice. There are some lovely strappy pumps which add a touch of glamor to any little girls outfit. Alternatively, if your little one loves running around, opt for a slip-on pump or loafer. These usually have thicker soles so are more comfortable. Dolce and Gabbana kids have some great styles to chose from. Pumps with appliques and sequins instantly brighten up a look and make it the perfect smart but comfortable combination.  

Practical Points

There are some practical points to consider when taking your little ones to a special occasion. Bring a comfy jumper or cardigan for them to change into if it’s too cold for a blazer or bolero. This means that when they get a little tired and cold in the evening they have some comfier clothes to change into.

Make sure you take into account the weather. This sounds obvious but make sure you have suncream for your little ones if it’s a summer wedding and jackets for a winter one. Some prior planning is needed to save unwanted situations on the big day! Bring plasters too. If you’ve brought your child new shoes they may not have had a chance to break them in yet. Sore feet could ruin their day and yours, so come prepared.

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