Space saving Interior Ideas

Space Saving Interior Ideas

Nowadays with modern designed homes, it can at time be hard to find homes with decent storage space. So if your current home doesn’t have lots of space do not despair their a few simple DIY tips that can make any space look bigger, more spacious and ways to create tour own storage space. You may have bought your house before having kids and now your family has grown from 2 to 3 or maybe 4, space more space is essential. But moving can be really costly and unless you are doubling the size of your home the question is, is it really worse all the additional costs, mortgage and stress. Probably not. A lot of people nowadays are looking at ways to update their homes to utilise the current space they have.

First of all a simple tip to instantly update a space and potentially give the illusion of a lot more space is to replace your staircase for a modern glass or space saving version, you can find a great selection at Fontanot Shop UK. Another great way to update an area and cut out all the unnecessary lost space is replacing the traditional style staircase with a super cool steel spiral stairs which can really update a tired and small space.  You just have to really look at the space and try and think out the box.

Another simple tip is, if you lay wooden or laminate flooring lay the in the direction of the longest direction of a room or hallway, again this will give the illusion of length.

A really simple technique to make a small room seem quite a bit bigger is add mirrors. Add mirrors, length ways, sideways, its all about the illusion and creating the perception that a space is bigger than it is.

Then you can cleverly dress storage furniture to look like something else so its not obvious to guests that you have multiple storage units. So if you have an ottoman in the hallway where you hide all the shoes, to avoid clutter at your front door, then add a pretty flat cushion seat on top so it looks like a seat and not storage.

There’s lots of  great ways to create yet also hide storage. Storage beds are fantastic to keep all your bags, shoes and general clutter out of the way. Dressing table stools with storage can hide all those electrical hair appliances but look pretty at the same time in fabrics like velvet etc.

There really are a lot of ways to utilise the space you have, even use google, pinterest etc for ideas if your struggling a little.  Its also really fun re-decorating/redesigning your own home and very rewarding at the end of the process.


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