Some Reasons to Be Positive in 2019


We hear all the time about wars and conflict in different parts of the world, and watching a news programme can be quite depressing. This is because they rarely report on the good things that are happening worldwide, and it really is not all doom and gloom. There are good things going on too, some frivolous, some very important,  which give us plenty of reasons to be positive in 2019…

Medical Advancements

There has been much medical advancement in the last twelve months that result in diseases being diagnosed earlier and treatment being more effective.

For instance, a smart-phone heart monitor has been developed and is expected to appear on the market before the end of 2019. Users will be able to get ECG’s by placing a finger on the band of an Apple Watch. The developers of this are also working with medical professionals to create artificial intelligence that will be able to tell from the ECG if the user has too much or too little potassium in their blood, and whether they are likely to be the victim of sudden death.

There have also been advances in DNA testing and the introduction of chip-seq makes this quicker and more reliable. Add to these things the ways of detecting some cancers earlier before they become life-threatening, deep brain stimulation for stroke victims, no drill tooth repairs, groundbreaking gene therapy and an anti-ageing drug that actually works, there are many medical reasons to be positive in 2019.

The Return Of Favourite Shows and Festivals

It seems that the makers of TV programs are having trouble coming up with new ideas and are reviving some of the best of the old TV shows. Remember Quantum Leap, Futurama, Malcolm In The Middle, King Of The Hill, Bones, The Office, West Wing or ER? These are just a few of the ones that the studios have been discussing reviving in some form or another, there are many more of our old favourites set to get the updating treatment.

As well as the return of some of our favourite shows, 2019 is set to see the return of Glastonbury Festival which will be headlined buy Glastonbury and which is sure to bring some fun into early summer and give us something to look forward to in those often dreary early months of the year.

New Tech To Make Our Lives Even Easier

New technology is being developed all the time, and much of it is in the background of our lives so we do not even realise it is happening, but it has the power to improve our lives and make us happier, healthier and more productive. Some of the things we can be aware of though is the fact that mobile devices are set to outnumber PC this year, and any tech-savvy businesses will make sure they have an app is they want to stay successful. Automation could take away a lot of the mundane jobs that humans do and let the workers concentrate on more important tasks, as well as making life at home even more convenient with devices like Alexa becoming even more sophisticated.

Many workers are likely to start working alongside robots in their workplaces, which should take some of the slog out of work. As well as these, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are all set to make our leisure time like it has never been before. You will be able to visit other parts of the world without leaving your sitting room, just as an example of how advanced this technology will get in 2019.

Next time you are tempted to watch a news program and get depressed, turn it off and look at something that is more fun like playing with the home robot that will be there to entertain you.


Naomi Isted
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