So Your Child Is Now A Teenager? Here’s How To Survive

So Your Child Is Now A Teenager? Here’s How To Survive

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So your child has recently turned thirteen. Welcome to the teenage years! This is the period that most parents dread. The tantrums and mood swings can be a whole load worse than those you experienced when they were going through the terrible twos! However, the teenage years don’t have to turn into a total war zone between you and your teenager. In fact, if you listen to your teenager and meet them halfway with many rules, you will find that they don’t get so moody so much. So how can you survive these tough teenage years? Well, this blog post should give you some useful hints!

Talk To Your Teenager

Most teenage mood swings and tantrums come about because they feel that no one listens to them. So it is super important that you spend plenty of time talking to your teenager and listening to whatever they have to say. Even if they just tell you about how their day went at college. You should let them know that you are always there for them if they ever have a problem they want to get off their chest. The best way to gain the trust of your teenager is to spend quality time together. This will strengthen the bond between the two of you, and make it easier for them to open up to you. If you ever think that there is something wrong with your teenager, you should ask them about it. They may need prompting before they eventually open up to you.

Create A Safe Space For Them

Teenagers spend a whole load of time in their bedroom. Don’t worry if they start spending less time with the family down in the living room. They will probably just want some alone time in their room. So try and create a safe and comfortable space for them in their bedroom. Teenagers have a bad reputation for being messy and unclean. So try and encourage your child to regularly tidy their bedroom. All clean clothed should be put away once they come out of the laundry. Their bed should be made every day. Make sure they don’t leave any dirty cups and plates in their room. They will find that if they keep their room clean, it will be a much nicer place to relax in. Treat them to some nice grown-up furniture and bedding. You can find comfortable bag chairs that they will love online. It could also be worth redecorating their room as they may have outgrown their childhood decor.

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Tell Them Your Beauty Secrets

Your teenager could be played with acne and greasy skin. So it is always a good idea to help them overcome this by teaching them your beauty regime. Let them know which cleansers and moisturisers work best for you. Hopefully, they will have inherited your skin so will have the same results from using the same products. If you have a son, ask your partner to speak to him about shaving. As for your daughter, you should let her know your secrets when it comes to haircare. We all have different types of hair which require various treatments. Let her know what works for you.

Establish Rules And Consequences

Teenagers often think they are much older than their years. Because of this mindset, you might find that they try and stay out late and generally behave in ways that are not acceptable. Because of this, you need to establish a set of rules and some consequences that will follow when the rules are broken. It is very important that the punishment fits the crime. If you come up with consequences that are quite severe, your teenager is much more likely to rebel against you. Another thing that is very important is that you stick to your guns and always follow through with the punishment. Don’t let any bad behaviour or rule breaking go unpunished. If you start relaxing the punishments, your teenager will start to try and get away with even more bad behaviour.

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Talk About Sex

Your child is now at an age where they will be curious about their bodies and will start to learn all about sex. It is only natural for young teenagers to be very curious about this subject. Most parents talk to their kids about sex and relationships in depth once they reach thirteen. You may have briefly explained sex to your child at a younger age, especially if they were inquisitive. The truth is, there is no right or wrong age to discuss sex with your children. Once your children are teenagers, it is important to talk to them frankly about sexual health. Explain to them how to use condoms and let them know the importance of safe sex. You should also ensure that they know all about sexual diseases. Tell them that they can always go to the local sexual health clinic if they suspect that they have health problems. This could be an embarrassing chat for you and your teenager, but it is important that you have it. Let them know that they can always ask you more questions if they need to.

Don’t Rely On Parenting Books

If you go to your local bookshop, you will see many different parenting books that aim to teach parents how to bring up teenagers. However, you shouldn’t rely on these to help you through the teenage years. Each family will react to situations differently, and it is best to come up with your own way of parenting. Work together with your teenager to find out what suits you both. Maybe your child responds well to a structured home life with lots of rules. Perhaps they develop better when they don’t feel so smothered by their parents. Over time, you will work this out for yourself. So don’t listen to any of the advice you read in parenting books. After all, what works for one family might not work for another. Having said that, though, it is perfectly fine to use parenting books when you find yourself in a tricky situation. Maybe you have exhausted all your options, and your teenager is still misbehaving. Only then should you read a parenting book to find tips on how to control the situation.

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Focus On The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, parents of teenagers find it all too easy to get caught up with the little things. They might spend all their time telling off their teenager for swearing or not cleaning their room but forget about bigger issues. These small problems could be a sign that there is something bigger in your teenager’s life. For example, maybe they have been experimenting with alcohol or drugs. So rather than spending too much time trying to punish your child for small behavioural issues, start thinking how the big picture looks. Do you have any reason to believe that there is a major issue you need to ask your teenager about? That is what you need to be focusing on.

Get To Know Their Friends

It is important that you let your teenager have their friends over. This will help the develop a healthy social life. You shouldn’t be worried about letting them go out to visit their friends. One of the best things you can do is to try and get to know as many of your child’s friends as possible. Whenever they are at your house, try to chat to them if you get the chance. It’s always good to know the kind of people who your children are spending their time with. If you feel that there is someone who is a bad example for your son or daughter, you should try and encourage your child to spend less time with them. They might not be keen on this at first. But if you have some firm evidence of how they are affecting them, they will probably come around to the idea. For example, if their school grades are going down, it could be a good idea for them to not see their friend who is a bad influence quite so much. It could also pay to get to know the parents of your teenager’s friends.

Ditch The Junk

Teenagers seem to have bad reputations for a number of things. As well as the ones I have already mentioned, they also get a bad rep for all the junk food they eat. All that sugar and processed foods is going to wreak havoc on their moods as well as their overall health. So when they are at home for dinner, cook healthy homemade meals for them. You should also regularly tell them why junk food all the time is a bad idea. This can put them off eating it when they are out. All that junk food can cause spots and make acne breakouts much worse. Tell them that and they should hopefully lay off the McDonalds!

Living with a teenager can be hugely rewarding. And you will easily be able to survive thanks to this guide!

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