Six Steps To A More Stylish, Luxurious Bathroom

Six Steps To A More Stylish, Luxurious Bathroom

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The bathroom is an immensely important part of any home. The fact that, besides the kitchen, it is named as the most vital room for selling a home only highlights that. So, if you’re living with a bathroom you’re unhappy with, you should by no means be satisfied to keep it that way. We all desire a certain style, a certain feeling of luxury, in our bathrooms. There are some ways to achieve that without re-doing the whole place. Here are just a few.

The lighting

Lighting is a key aspect of a bathroom. At times, you need to make sure everything is looking as simple and clean as they can. Nothing can help you achieve that better than the right lighting. Electrical light works, but what you really want is a good amount of natural light. The right slat blinds are great at letting in a lot more light, even when they’re adjusted to give you complete privacy.

The dimming

Just as important as letting the light in is, sometimes, getting rid of it. Or at least controlling it. Nothing quite says luxury like relaxing in a bubble bath under the ambience of a low, warm light. You could take the time buying and setting up candles to achieve the effect. You could do that, or you could go the easier route of getting a dimmer switch. Perfect for when you want a bit of atmosphere.

Privacy with style

Glass is a must-have when it comes to getting yourself a sleek, contemporary design. However, if you’re sharing a home, you might want to take an extra precaution to keep the privacy. Shower curtains inside glass partitions just look silly, though. The answer lies in frosted glass shower doors. They look great and they make sure no-one sees anything you don’t want them to.

The soft touch

Décor and lighting is important, but so is the feeling of comfort. If it’s all scratchy fabrics and hard edges, then it won’t be much of a luxury bathroom after all. The right rug can not only tie the look of the place together, but it feels great. You should make sure to get your hands on proper designer towels, too. Relying on the cheap kind is just a quick way to rub off that comfort after a nice bath.

Add somewhere to sit

Another aspect that puts more focus on feeling that sense of luxury instead of seeing it. In this case, it comes down to simply having somewhere to sit. Most people choose not to have chairs in their bathroom. However, simply adding one makes it that much easier to relax and take your time. It turns a room of necessity into one you can actually lounge around in as you do your thing.

Go for the classics

The vintage look is wildly popular at the moment. Even in a room that’s mostly contemporary, the right vanity or armoire can add a whole new level of class to the room. When in doubt, find something grand, old and not too beat up. Give it a bit of polish and love if it needs it. You’ll be glad you did.

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