Simple Ways to Upgrade your Look from Dull to Doll

Simple Ways to Upgrade your Look from Dull to Doll

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Spring is here, which means it’s time to not only spring clean your house but your look too! Of course, time isn’t always something we have much of and overhauling your whole wardrobe is a bit unrealistic at the best of times. So here are some simple ways to upgrade your tired and well-worn look to something a bit more glamorous, giving you confidence as you step out into the sunshine.

Work the LBD

The Little Black Dress never goes out of style, and even if you feel like you’ve worn yours to death, it’s a timeless investment that can be worn again and again. Glam your LBD up with some new accessories, like a statement necklace or a brightly coloured belt, and you’ll look and feel like you are wearing a whole new outfit. Remember that scarves add texture, colour, and dimension to a simple outfit, as do bright handbags or chic hats.

Brighten your smile

Sometimes changing your look can be down to something you hadn’t even thought of before, like straightening your teeth or having them whitened. Keeping those pearly whites white can be a constant battle for us coffee lovers, but now we have an advantage! We can now stop staining our teeth with brown (delicious) sludge, but can opt for a clear caffeine fix! If that’s not enough and the coffee has already gone to town on your smile, you can book an appointment with a dentist, such as SDG Dental, to make that smile sparkle permanently.

Change your makeup

By changing your lipstick or eyeliner colour you can change your whole face! Try something daring for a statement look or simply have a think about what colour pallets suit your complexion the best and you’ll give yourself a new streak of confidence. Remember that you don’t have to go bold every single day and that sometimes a change of makeup can freshen up a well-worn dress.

Stay in shape

It’s simple, but staying in shape and working out can sometimes be your best accessory. If you are comfortable in your skin and not worried about you are looking next to other girls around you, you’ll always look great! With a busy life and us all working, on average, 40 hour weeks, getting ourselves to the gym can sometimes be a tall order but try checking out these tips for sneaking in a workout by Fitness Magazine, and you’ll soon be glowing!

Wear what makes you comfortable

We can’t wear heels every day, it causes havoc for our bodies, and it just isn’t comfortable! Invest in some oversized and cosy jumpers, a pair of ripped jeans and a selection of pretty flats that you can throw on with a huge pair of fashionable sunglasses, and you’ll be comfortable and relaxed when you just don’t have it in you to dress it all up. Twin this look with your favourite bag and lipstick, and you’ll look as glam as you feel comfortable – trust us on that one.

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