Simple Ways To Enhance The Style And Size Of Your Small Bathroom

Simple Ways To Enhance The Style And Size Of Your Small Bathroom

We all wish we could enjoy having a gigantic and luxurious bathroom in our homes. But more often than not, that just isn’t possible. In reality, many of us have to make do with a small sized bathroom which often more awkward to use than luxurious. Even though smaller bathrooms hold plenty of challenges, that doesn’t mean they can become your favourite room in your home. You just have to get creative and enhance the space and style as much as possible. Take a look at these simple ways to achieve this in your own home and make your small bathroom a room to be proud of.

Rethink your storage

When you have a small bathroom, you have to be smart with your storage solutions. Otherwise, they can take up valuable space and make the room feel even smaller. So think about how you are currently storing your towels, toilet rolls, and toiletries and if it can be changed for the better. For instance, you could add more convenience and storage to this small space with a different vanity unit. You can find vanities that have shelving and drawers built into their design. Take a look at Unique Vanities Online or other suppliers for more ideas. You could also add shelving or a cabinet above the toilet or by your mirror. Or use your door as an additional storage surface. Look for inspiration on bathroom storage to help you start thinking outside of the box.

Invest in a larger mirror

Mirrors are often used in interior design to make a small room feel bigger. So why not try this in your own bathroom. The larger the mirror, the more light that can be bounced off it. Therefore increasing the size of your small bathroom almost instantly. Visit the IKEA website or go to a local homewares store to find a larger mirror that suits your taste and style. Always measure the available space you have to ensure that the mirror you choose that will comfortably fit. Don’t be afraid to change the positioning of the mirror or add more as this too also enhance the style and space.

Use bold patterns

Bold patterns can create a focal point in your small bathroom that makes it feel bigger. Plus it can add some much-needed personality and colour into the space. When choosing shower curtains, blinds or wallpaper, go for bold and large scale patterns like stripes or spots. Or why not choose patterned tiles for your shower or floors. Take a look at the styles on Apartment Therapy for further inspiration. This will catch your eye every time you enter the room and open the space up rather than making it feel small. Just remember that too much pattern can have the opposite effect, so be selective and smart in how you use it.

Once you start seeing the potential in your small sized bathroom, you can work towards turning it into something really special. Don’t let the lack of space encourage you to ignore or overlook this important room. Have fun with the design and create a more functional and stylish space you can enjoy every day.

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