Simple Solutions To Help You Get More Out Of Your Attic

Simple Solutions To Help You Get More Out Of Your Attic

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Attic, loft, whatever you want to call it, most people don’t use them effectively. We see attics as storage space in the roof of our house, nothing more nothing less. While this is a great way of using an attic, you might not be getting the most out of it. So, here are a few solutions to help you use this space effectively and benefit your home as a result.

Board Up Your Attic

Right away we have an idea that can turn a pointless attic into a very useful one. Some homes come with attics that aren’t boarded – there’s no floor to stand on. As a result, you can’t really use it for anything, and it’s just a waste of space. With this simple solution, you can turn your attic into a room that’s used for multiple purposes. Now, it’s fit for storage use, or to turn into an extra bedroom.

Convert Your Attic

The last sentence of the first point leads nicely into this idea; convert your attic into a different room. If your attic is wasting away and not being used for anything, why don’t you turn it into an extra bedroom, lounge, or study? This is also a great idea if you’re struggling for space in your home. Maybe your children were sharing a bedroom, but they’re growing out of it? In which case, converting your attic into a bedroom solves this issue. I know many people are reluctant to do this as they lose storage space. However, you can easily move your stuff into a self storage facility if you desperately need to keep it. After all, when you need extra space, what’s the alternative to converting your attic? Paying for a costly extension? Moving home? Move your attic storage to a different location, and you can save money in the long run.

Organise The Storage In Your Attic

Of course, there are many instances where converting your attic isn’t an option. Perhaps it’s too small to bother, or maybe you don’t have the money? In which case, you can still get more use out of it by simply organising it. Make sure you have a system in place, so things are easy to find. Arrange boxes, so they all fit snugly together, and you can create more space for more storage. This allows you to bring more clutter up from downstairs, saving space in your home. If you’re one of those people that chucks anything in the attic without thinking, you’ll regret it in the future. Eventually, you’ll have to sort your attic out, and it will be a massive pain when it isn’t organised!

I wrote this piece because I don’t want your attic to go to waste. You don’t realise how good it can be for your home until you actually take steps to use it effectively. Whether you’re using it for storage or other purposes, keep my advice in mind. Now, you’ve given your home a fully functional room, and you’ll benefit from extra space.

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