Simple Mistakes To Make In A Bedroom Overhaul

Simple Mistakes To Make In A Bedroom Overhaul


So you’ve redecorated the house, but there’s something missing. You can feel a little tickle over what you’ve forgotten but you just can’t find it. This can happen a lot during house improvements, so don’t feel bad about what you’ve missed out on. Usually they’re small fixes to take care of, so there’s no sweat to it. Make a list and think about all the details; here’s a few for your consideration.

The Room Is Just A Little Too Cluttered

So having elements of ourselves everywhere is nice, and the redec means there’s no dust lining the dresser or clothes all over the floor. However, that doesn’t mean the area doesn’t look a little too busy.

There doesn’t have to be a strict design theme to your walls and carpet, but they need to contrast and complement at best. All furniture pieces have to work in harmony after all.

Everything Is Against A Wall

So you’ve placed all your furniture up against a wall and now been left bereft with a wide open space around your bed that just looks out of place.

You’ve forgotten to use the rest of the space in your room plan, whether because it just fell out of notice or you have nothing to put there. This can easily be fixed with a table or a sofa in the middle of the carpet, and acts as a nice focal point. Having a rug on the floor also works well, and makes the place feel a lot more cosy.

No Proper Shelving Units

It’s not just the garage that needs storage units. If you keep some garage shelving by VonHaus in the rooms you use the most, they’ll be more durable and can be kept more easily out of sight. You can often fold these types of shelves away when you need to

Even when you have a dresser with plenty of draws, or a wardrobe that hangs up all the extra pieces you don’t wear often, these items should only be used for clothing purposes. It just makes it a lot harder to find anything again if not.

You’ve Painted First Without Checking

So painting is a big part of a redecoration, and has the most to offer in the way of new appearances. However, a lot of people forget, or simply don’t know, that when you’re comparing a paint swatch in broad artificial light of the store, it’s going to look different on your wall.

A lot of natural daylight is going to be streaming in through your curtains, and might just highlight the colour as a theme you don’t want to look at. Make sure you use samples on walls, as a room redec isn’t to be rushed. Also be sure that the colour pairs well with the carpet and rest of the furniture, something like white and blue or green with hints of red.

Don’t be dismayed by any interior decorating mistakes you think you’ve made, as everything is a simple fix.

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