Sharing The Load: Why You Shouldn’t Plan Your Wedding All By Yourself

Sharing The Load: Why You Shouldn’t Plan Your Wedding All By Yourself

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As a bride to be, it can often be really hard to take advice from other people. In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, you may find that stress levels are at an all-time high. There is a LOT to remember and a lot to organize before the big day – and as it’s so important to you, letting anyone else offer their input can be a bit daunting to say the least. This is where the potential Bridezilla mode can be activated: someone offers you some advice regarding a certain aspect of your wedding, and you fly off the handle accusing them of ‘trying to take over’. In reality, they were probably just genuinely trying to help. Even though it is important that you have the final say on most aspects of your wedding – after all, it is your day – you may benefit from listening to the ideas of other people. Your way might not necessarily always be the right way, and you may even find that you enjoy delegating some of the responsibility to others too.

The bridesmaids

It can be ironic, really: you choose your bridesmaids to help you plan the wedding, and then proceed to accept no help from them whatsoever! Of course, it’s easy for them to make suggestions that you might not deem appropriate, but after all, it is not they who are getting married. Therefore try not to scoff, even if there was no way you were going to even consider that proposal. There are some parts of the wedding day that you should be able to trust them with, however. The dresses they wear are one example of this. Got a bunch of stylish bridesmaids? Place your trust in your fashionista friends that they would never do themselves a disservice by buying ugly dresses. Just give them a color scheme and point them in the direction of a retailer such as  After all, it’s also important that your bridesmaids feel comfortable in what they are wearing on your wedding day. So handing responsibility for their outfits back over to them could be one of the best wedding descriptions you ever make.

The groom

When you so much as think about giving the groom any wedding-related jobs to do, you may groan internally and roll your eyes. But you might need to be prepared to give him a little more credit than normal. Grooms can sometimes feel excluded from the wedding planning process when the bride takes over – and even though most lazy men won’t mind this at all, there are some who would like a bit more input. Try and make the major decisions for your wedding – such as the venue and the catering – together as a couple. Plus, having a second opinion is always good for giving you a bit of perspective on certain things.

Your mother

During the wedding planning process, you may find that you quite frequently need someone you know you can trust to delegate certain tasks to. Is there really anyone better to choose here than your mother? Aside from the fact that she has probably organized another wedding before (her own) you can count on the fact that she has your best interests at heart – so every decision will be a wise one. Sit down with your mom and make a checklist with her about everything you need to do. Then, ask her if she could possibly take some of the weight off your shoulders by sorting out certain things – even if it’s something as basic as ringing flower companies for quotes. The pre-wedding jobs do add up, so even though it’s scary, you may find that splitting the responsibilities actually helps you stay sane throughout.

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