Severe Bridal Skin Issues

Severe Bridal Skin Issues


Revolutionary Spray on Skin transforms Lives

For most women their wedding day is a day they’ve been planning and looking forward to for many years. But what about those brides-to-be  and grooms who have suffered from severe skin conditions caused by bad laser treatments, acne scarring and burns? The planning of their day will have a mix of emotions, ones of trepidation and anxiety mixed with excitement for their special day. Skin conditions like this for both men and women can cause years of anxiety, social insecurities and general low confidence. The worry of how their skin will look on the day and in their wedding pictures can be enough to send any bride into depression. But thankfully after years of research and medical advancements there is a solution, a Revolutionary Spray on Skin treatment known as Recell that can transform Lives. 

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Michael Underwood travelled from the USA to be treated by a Surgeon at a specialist ReCell clinic in Nottingham after acne and laser scarring left him emotionally damaged. In his search to rectify years of acne scarring and laser damage Michael paid for numerous laser and cosmetic treatments over two decades, only to be left far worse off than he began. “At times, we can make matters much worse while we’re searching for perfection”. – Michael Underwood ReCell Patient, Colorado USA.

Recell Patient

So how did this innovative treatment change his life and can it do the same for brides, grooms and bridesmaids around the world?

ReCell Spray on Skin involves having a biopsy to harvest your own cells, which are made into a solution that can be sprayed onto skin. It is especially good for treating skin that has been traumatised by burns; acne scarring and even smoothing uneven skin tone. When Michael heard of world-renowned ReCell Surgeon Jeremy Rawlins, who has a special interest in scar revision and scar resurfacing utilising various non-surgical and surgical techniques including ReCell, he decided to travel all the way to the UK for this revolutionary skin treatment to treat his condition.

Recell Patient

 Naomi Isted, Lifestyle Expert of Ultimate Lifestylist said; “The beauty industry, cosmetic market and male grooming sectors are all booming. People are now taking more and more steps to make themselves look and feel better from inside out. For those who have experienced horrific scars such as burns or from acne or laser damage a treatment such as this can be life changing in so many ways. Especially for any bride planning their all important wedding day, so they can feel perfect on the day.”

Patients from around the globe travel to this world-renowned clinic in Nottingham (one of the few private clinics offering this revolutionary spray on skin treatment in the UK apart from NHS Severe Burns departments). Over 150 patients a year travel to Zenith to be treated by either Jeremy Rawlins or Dr Maini for this life-changing treatment as it’s not available in the USA. This treatment isn’t just for adults either; Jeremy Rawlins uses ReCell on burns and scar victims as young as a few weeks old through to elderly patients. However, most of his scar revision / aesthetic patients are in their 30s to 50s.


Zenith Cosmetic Clinics
Zenith Cosmetic Clinics

Before Michael Underwood’s ReCell treatment he had suffered from severe acne scarring and laser damage. He travelled from Colorado in the USA to be treated by Jeremy Rawlins at Zenith. In his own words Michael shares his painful journey:

“I had my first co2 laser, fully ablative when I was 23 years old for some mild acne scarring. I am now 40 years old. That was one of the worst decisions that I’ve made. The heat from that fully ablative laser killed most of the melanocytes in my face and the Dr. at the time went extra deep so the acute redness took like a year or more to resolve. Then I had lingering diffuse redness after that for literally years. I then spent the next few years having multiple Lpl’s to deal with the redness and hyperpigmentation that I was dealing with simply because I had such a strong laser procedure done that I did not need. To top it all off it didn’t really do anything for my scars. So years later when fractional laser co2 came on the market. I had that performed still trying to address the acne scarring. I’ve had a total of 3 fractionals, 2 fully ablative co2 lasers (1st gen and 3rd gen), hundreds of Ipl’s”. – Michael Underwood ReCell Patient, Colorado USA.

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 Michael chose to travel all the way to the UK to one of the few clinics that performs this treatment in Nottingham, England to Zenith Cosmetic Clinics as it’s a recognised trusted provider of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Their expertise in fat reduction, weight loss, ReCell Spray on skin and scarless mole removal has been recognised internationally and patients like Michael travel to them from as far as America.

So why ReCell?

“Using ReCell in scar revision / rejuvenation gives a ‘third dimension’ to wound healing in that it actually brings in ‘new cells’ to help heal the wound quicker and improve pigmentation. Where other techniques have failed then a ReCell procedure can have many advantages.” – Surgeon Jeremy Rawlins, Zenith Clinics. 

ReCell produces a ‘Spray Solution’ that contains all of the skin cells necessary to promote healthy skin growth. This includes keratinocyte cells that form the basis of healthy skin and melanocyte cells that produce skin colour (melanin). The cells are processed while the doctor prepares the area to be treated and are then sprayed on to the skin by the doctor. Once applied on to the wound, these cells multiply and spread throughout the skin, resulting in increased healing. This innovative medical treatment aimed at healing severe burns has patients travelling from all over the UK and world to be treated at Zenith Clinics in Nottingham by leading ReCell surgeon Jeremy Rawlins as their results are outstanding. The potential benefits for patients are;

Faster wound healing, an ability to correct imperfections and irregularities in the surface of the skin and better pigmentation with ‘like for like’ cells.” – Surgeon Jeremy Rawlins, Zenith Clinics.

Jeremy Rawlins
Jeremy Rawlins

What steps are involved in the treatment?

A small piece of skin is taken (usually from behind the ear if they are treating the face) and is used to make the ReCell skin suspension. The skin is prepared – usually with dermabrasion or a needling device. Then the cells are applied and a dressing is put over the top. Most procedures are completed in around an hour. Then the next stage is dressings usually come off after 2-3 days, then simple moisturisers are applied. Initially the skin is red/ pink but this settles in a few weeks. The results get better and better over the next 12 – 18 months. Most patients see a 50-80% improvement over this period. Treatment starts at £3500 depending on the complexity of the procedure. This is normally a one-off treatment.


ReCell spray on skin is a life-changing treatment especially for those who have been completely traumatised by tragic circumstances such as burns or psychologically affected by scars from acne, other skin conditions and laser treatments gone wrong. If a women is planning her wedding day but feels sucj pain and anguish as she has had years of suffering with a skin condition, ReCell could just  be the answer they need to change their outlook and confidence forever. Unlike previous forms of such treatment, the ReCell approach allows for the whole array of skin cells to be incorporated in to the damaged area of skin, these are wholly taken from the patient thus there is no risk of rejection/infection.

The addition of ReCell Spray on Skin to a laser resurfacing procedure has been shown to reduce the recovery period for patients relative to resurfacing alone, which allows them to get back to their busy life! ReCell Spray on Skin is used by Major Burns Centres in the NHS, if it was ineffective, in these cash strapped times, it would be dropped like a lead balloon!

Recell Patient
Recell Patient- Images Courtesy of Avita Medical

So for any bride or groom to be that has had to suffer for years with skin problems and general insecurities, this could just be the treatment to transform their lives and make their wedding day that extra bit special.

Naomi Isted
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