Seven Super Skin Care Secrets To Keep Skin Soft And Youthful

Seven Super Skin Care Secrets To Keep Skin Soft And Youthful

As we start to get a little older, the battle against aging on our faces starts to heat up. There are many beauty products out there that claim to help improve the appearance of our skin, but it can be hard to believe all of them work. Of course, genetics plays a huge part in how youthful we look, but there are many other factors in play too. Here are seven super tricks to bring about a more youthful looking you:


  1. Move house – Sounds extreme? Maybe, but the environmental impact on our skin can be substantial. Noise and light stop us from sleeping soundly. Pollution clogs our pores and affects the level of oxygen circulating in our blood. Even a lack of garden space to relax and smile in can affect our looks! If your house isn’t in the cleanest neighborhood, it may be time for some country air.
  2. Use olive oil – Two teaspoons of olive oil a day are said to maintain a healthy, youthful skin and complexion. Try to use this oil over others for dressings and mixing. You can even apply it direct to the backs of your hands for a quick protective cover when working.
  3. Eat sardines – Just one portion of these little fish can stave away acne. This is because they are rich in DHA Omega 3 fats that are anti-inflammatory. For eczema, try a portion of walnuts to ward off the dry and flaky skin.
  4. Drink Green Tea – Green tea is full of antioxidants. It will help soften your skin, making it more elastic and youthful in appearance. Enjoy this hot, without milk once or twice every day. It can even help you feel more relaxed and energized!
  5. Use a skin treatment serum – Many youth serums contain chemicals and ingredients to smooth the top layer of skin. They can also penetrate into the skin to help it feel softer and plumper. Find out more about this option at and see if they are right for your skin type.
  6. Exercise – Exercise increases your circulation to help you keep that youthful glow. Your sweat helps remove toxins from the skin. Enjoy a steam to achieve similar results. If you can lose weight, the fat on your face may reduce, highlighting a more youthful looking bone structure.
  7. Drink enough water – It’s true that if you want to appear hydrated on the outside then you need to be hydrated on the inside. Drink plenty of water. You can flavor it with a little lemon juice for extra health benefits and refreshing taste.


Healthy skin really does start with a healthy body. A healthy mind can impact your skin too. Stress and depression are known to give you an aged appearance, and can even cause acne. A smile will always be more attractive, vibrant and youthful than a scowl! Make the most of the best serums and skin treatments out there to maximize your natural beauty. Finally, enjoy your food and drink. But make that extra effort to include those skin friendly foods that can enhance your appearance.


Naomi Isted
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