No More Sleeping Sins – The Seven Secrets Of A Better Sleep

No More Sleeping Sins – The Seven Secrets Of A Better Sleep

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Insomnia, short nights, early mornings… Whatever the reason is, it’s no secret that people find it more and more difficult to have a good night sleep. When it’s not the bed bugs that bite you, it’s the continual screen time that spoils your rest, or your routine stress that won’t let you sleep in peace. Reasons for a bad night sleep are numerous, and they are often self-inflicted too. While there are also very effective sleeping tablets on the market, you might want to consider a natural way to improve your sleep visibly and permanently. After all, sleeping tablets only work until your body gets too used to them, then they can’t help you to sleep anymore. So before you reach this point in time, or if you already have, here are seven tips to help you rediscover the pleasure of a restorative and peaceful sleep at night.

Sleep like a baby!

#1. Pick A Comfortable Bedding

When you know how essential sleep is to recharge your batteries, it still comes as a surprise that too many of you prefer to invest more in their TV system than in their bed. Remembering that you can live without a TV but you can’t live without sleep, should help you to switch your priorities in life. For a good night sleep, let’s take a look at the basics: You need a good mattress that suits your body shape and body mass, as well as your preferred sleeping position. Naturally, the quality of your bedding doesn’t stop at the mattress, as comfortable and high-quality pillows, such as Goose Down, for example, will make sure that you wake up not only feeling refreshed but also free of back or neck pain that could be caused by inappropriate gear. Last, but not least in the bedding department, is the importance of the bed, by which is meant the frame that holds your mattress. While it might seem like a superficial choice, knowing that you spend one-third of your life lying in bed means that choosing a bed that you find attractive and elegant is absolutely essential to the quality of your sleep. If you consider that, in average, Americans spends a little over an hour eating every day and that the cost of your fridge probably surpasses the one of your bed, you might start to rethink your bedroom budget a little.

#2. Cut Off Screen Time Before Sleep

It may sound like a silly piece of advice in a highly digital society, but reducing screen time in the evening can actually help you relax a lot better than sitting on the sofa and watching your favorite show on TV. While experts like to advise on a two-hour screen-free break before going to bed, in reality, it isn’t possible to achieve such a long pause. Many of you come back late from work and then sit down in the living room to watch the evening film before going to bed. There is no denying that trying to spend two hours in the evening without a screen would mean for most households getting rid of their devices. But, what you can do though is plan for a 30 minutes before bed that you will spend without any device, including Kindle, tablets, and smartphones. This is important because the screen light, even if it’s dim, confuses your brain into believing that it is daytime. Consequently, you won’t be able to get any restorative sleep.  

#3. Eat Smaller Portions Early In The Evening

Ordering a large pepperoni pizza at 10 pm is probably not a very good idea. As your body can relax better if it isn’t busy digesting, it is essential that you change your eating habits to help it rest. While this doesn’t mean starving yourself, you could plan your evening meal around light and healthy options, such as a stir fry or an omelet, for example. Additionally, making sure to eat two hours or more before going to bed will mean that your body will be done with the digestion process by the time you are going to sleep.  

#4. Ditch The Excitants

Alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes are not only unhealthy for your body, but they are also putting your sleep cycle at serious risk. Indeed, while it is common knowledge that drinking could make you feel tired and help you to fall asleep, alcohol creates a restless night as it interferes with your sleep cycle. As a result, you will find yourself being unable to go through a full cycle of sleep, and consequently to rest properly. As for caffeine, it is common knowledge that drinking caffeine late during the day will keep you awake. But the continual absorption of caffeine throughout your day will actively reduce the REM and dream phases of your sleep, during which your brain can disconnect from the reality of the day. As caffeine lengthens the 2nd phase of your sleep cycle, it keeps your brain active and awake, making it hard to feel refreshed on the next day. Finally, smokers and other nicotine-addicts would have already discovered that cigarettes can stop the sleep patterns from cycling through. Consequently, you experience very short nights as your brain automatically tries to wake you up at the end of each phase.

#5. Learn To Meditate

Meditation is a big word, and for many, it is synonymous with a spiritual guru’s approach to life. When it comes to sleeping, all you will need is a lighter form of meditation that helps you push your worries and anger outside of your mind for the night. Designed to soothe the mind, a short seance of meditation before going to bed will ensure that your mind is relaxed and can let your body rest fully. There is no trick nor skill that you need to learn: Being able to let go of your daily stress is all it takes to feel your eyelids fall onto a world of peaceful dreams. All you need is a few minutes before bed to prepare yourself for a refreshing sleep. So make sure to take this chance to relax for real!

#6. The Feng Shui Of Your Bedroom

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that is designed to harmonize the space in your house in order to fill your life and your mind with positive energies. While this might sound a little too spiritual for some down-to-earth homeowners, the creation of a harmonious space, and specifically of a bedroom that is welcoming and soothing, plays a significant role in the quality of your sleep. While there are plenty of guides to effective and helpful feng shui techniques in your house and your bedroom, the core Feng Shui rules remain simple to learn and apply, even for amateurs of this philosophy. At the center of your bedroom décor lies the need to reconnect the room with what you could call its core functions, which are sleeping and sexual intimacy. Consequently, this focuses on creating a purposeful bedroom where there is nothing that can distract you from the purposes of the room. Distractions should be removed, such as TV screens or even gym equipment, as they bear no relation with what a bedroom is for. Additionally, it is important in the rules of a better Feng Shui living to make the most of fresh and natural elements such as air and light: In short, don’t block your bedroom window with furniture, and make sure that you can let fresh air in. You can also set a relaxing ambiance with the support of essential oils if you wish, assuming these oils are organic and safe. The use of natural colors that are very close to the skin colors – going from white to dark chocolate – will help to soothe your mind too. Finally, as the new décor fills you with positive energy, you can use bedroom art, such as posters and photos, to maximize the feeling of happiness and positivity, with happy memories of your relationship for example.

#7. Listen To Your Internal Clock

You have naturally an internal clock that reminds you of when you are tired and when you are feeling full of energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you don’t ignore the messages that your body is trying to give you. When possible, go to bed when you are tired and sleepy, even if it is for a nap. However, when it comes down to napping, make sure to avoid naps between the late afternoon and the evening as they will most likely stop you from sleeping at night. Additionally, it is helpful to set a regular sleep schedule that allows you to go to bed and to wake up at the same time every day, as this will help your body to reset its natural clock. Avoid, if you can, turning  into a night owl, even if there is a lot of work to do for the next day. You should always remember that your health matters a lot more than your work deadlines.

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