Seren London SS17 Interview


We spoke to Lucia Dailey on how her lifelong love of jumpsuits, she even wore one to her own wedding, sparked her to found Seren London – a British label that exclusively makes luxurious silk jumpsuits.



Where did you train? 

My background is actually working in editorial magazines and I assisted a fashion editor for three years. Then went on to working in luxury PR but I really wanted to go back into the fashion side of things so decide to develop my own jumpsuit collection. I have an obsession with jumpsuits and a friend of mine made me a silk jumpsuit for my wedding, I got married in Majorca, so I wanted to find something that I could wear with flip flops during the day and still look chic but then be able to wear heels in the evening and still stand out.

So she made me this jumpsuit and I’ve literally worn it on every holiday since and that’s where the idea came from.

When you were doing the fashion assisting and PR work what sparked yoseren-londonu to branch out on your own?  

I’ve been thinking about doing something on my own for a while but it was just about finding a product that I really loved. And I always struggled to find ones that were luxurious and the right fabrics. So I started the process last august collection launched online in July and now we’re here.

Tell us about your first collection, what inspired the colours and patterns?  

So the whole brand is inspired by the French and Italian Rivera’s during the 1950s, 60s, 70s sort of Bohemia. So that effortless timeless glamour that I think is quite rare today. Everything is overly embellished and heavy whereas I wanted to create a stand out piece of classicism that you could wear to the beach or to a red carpet.

When did your love affair with jumpsuits start?

I’ve always worn jumpsuits. Way before they became as mainstream as they are today, I just find them really flattering, really easy to wear. I love the fact that you can just put something on and you’re wearing a full outfit, you don’t need to think about, and yet you look like you’ve thought about it more than anyone else out there. And I like I mentioned I wanted to find something for my wedding that would stand out so that sparked my obsession.

Describe the collection in three words?  

Jumpsuit, timeless and elegant

What was the most difficult aspect of designing the collection?

I would say making decisions on styles, because obviously it’s just jumpsuits so it’s a small capsule collection. I wanted to create a small number of styles that really captured the essence of a jumpsuit. There are a million things that you can do with jumpsuits but I had to hone it in at some point. But they cover a lot of ground and there’s something there for everyone.

seren-londonWhat was the most fun aspect?

I’ve really loved the entire process. The print design was quite fun I worked with an in house print designer collaborating on that. But just something coming from nothing and creating essentially what is art.

What kind of person would wear your jumpsuits?

Someone who is quite sophisticated, they probably live quite a luxury lifestyle, as it is a full silk product. They love to travel and have that elegant chicness about them, they like to dress up but don’t like to be overdressed.

Who is your favourite designer at the moment and did you take any inspiration from them?

I love Emilia Wickstead I think everything she does is fantastic and she does brilliant jumpsuits as well. Roksanda is brilliant as well again I think her dresses and use of colour is really clever. I would say that I’ve taken inspiration from the likes of Pucci and Missoni, obviously in terms of their heavy prints and their lifestyle and the person they create for.

One fashion style you wish you had created?

Ummm the first ever jumpsuit!

One fashion style you wish you could erase?

Socks and sandals.


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