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Most women want to be as perfect as possible for their wedding day and some want beauty treatments galore. It’s not just a big day for the bride and groom but mothers of the bride and groom want to look their best on their son or daughters wedding day too. There are so many beauty tricks and treatments on the market it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. An increasingly popular treatment is semi – permanent makeup. I had my eyebrows tattooed for the first time around 2-3 years ago by the lovely Cathy Brown at the Dermaspa in Milton Keynes and it’s completely changed my life. As a fair haired, fair skinned female my brows are non-existent and I had a classic case of dodgy drawn on brows for years. At the time of my first brow tattoo my hair was dyed a dark red/brownish colour so we went for a darker colour to fit with my hair and it looked fab.


One suggestion I would always say when your considering anything cosmetic is do your research, ask as much about the treatment/ products as possible and  ask to see qualifications. But personally I’ve always found that some of the best treatments I’ve tried have come through recommendations. My initial tattoo lasted really well around 2-3 years and it was recently time to have them redone. Obviously with all this time passed my hair is much lighter as I have gone natural and this time a darker brow wouldn’t have been right so I went to the lovely Sue Palmer at my local salon112 in Harlow Essex.

Whether your considering semi-permanent makeup for your brows, eyes, lips or for paramedical purposes as long as you go to a respected and fully qualified practitioner it will change your life forever. The best thing about it is how much quicker it is to get ready and if its hot or your swimming you don’t need to worry about your eyebrow/lip pencil fading. Being a busy mum this was another main reason why I went for it and am so happy with the results it gives me just that little bit longer to get ready.

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make Up for Brides – The London Lifestylist by Beauty Expert and columnist Naomi Isted

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic form of tattooing. Using computerised technology, pharmaceutical grade pigments and ‘tattooed’ into the upper dermis of the skin to define lips, eyes and brows. Most women want to be as perfect as possible for their wedding day and some want beauty treatments galore. It’s not just a big day for the bride and groom but mothers of the bride and groom want to look their best on their son or daughters wedding day too. There are so many beauty tricks and treatments on the market it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. So enough about me, here’s a bit more information on the treatment.

Semi-permanent makeup roughly lasts around 18months and then its time for a booster.


For your eyes, you can create a subtle outline or a defined liner, which emphasises their shape and colour, making your lashes look thicker and your eyes larger and more striking. Colour and thickness can be personalised and when required, make-up can be applied over the enhancement for a more dramatic evening look. Perfect if you suffer from allergies to pollen or conventional make-up, or just want to avoid eye make-up smudging.


Whether your brows are naturally light, sparse, too thin, too short or completely absent, you can create realistic-looking and flattering eyebrows in ultra-fine hair strokes or a subtle colour mist. If you are concerned about the ageing process the result can give instant year loss by lifting the arch and the tail of the brow, to elevate the brow line, achieving a more youthful appearance that accentuates the eyes.


Your lips can be transformed by the contoured lipliner or you can enhance your natural lip colour by introducing an attractive blush of colour which you can then highlight with gloss. Subtle correction can be made to asymmetrical lips and you’ll also have the added benefit of avoiding the problems of lipstick bleed and re-application.

The Process

IMG_0020A typical treatment commences with a consultation to assess colourings and face shape. Using conventional make-up, your semi-permanent makeup artist creates your unique look, so that you can approve the design before the pigments are fused into your skin. This ensures that the results are exactly what you want. For a few days after the infusion process your enhancement will be a darker shade than desired, gradually fading to a result that lasts for years. A follow up treatment is normally required after a 4 week period to allow final adjustments to be made to the shape and colour, at salon 112 this is included in the initial cost.   IMG_0001My treatment So when I came to see Sue the first thing she did was numb me up. She then drew an outline so I had the chance to approve the design. Then the outline was tattooed on and the rest filled in all within about an hour. I felt relaxed; I didn’t feel pain just a soft scratchy sensation and then slightly tender afterwards. After the tattoo your brows are initially 50% darker and it takes roughly a week for the scab to occur and fall off to reveal your new lighter brows. After the first treatment you need to avoid getting water or makeup on the tattoed area and apply balm to keep them moisturized. SPF is also essential I use factor 50 just to be safe. After a few days they can become a little itchy, I had to avoid scratching them at all costs but that’s easier said than done. After the scab has fallen off the colour is lighter and incredibly natural I think went back a few weeks later for the booster to make sure we got the perfect about of colour and definition. As before I absolutely love my brows and am overjoyed with the natural look. IMG_0018  But they do say the best things come to those who wait and that is certainly true because if I had had them done when I was younger I may have gone to any random semi-permanent makeup artist and you have to be incredibly careful whom you go to. So please ladies do your research because if you go to someone good it will be life changing. This is a treatment for brides, mother in laws and mothers of the bride. You certainly won’t need to worry when you look back at wedding pictures if your brows where tidy!   IMG_0024Prices start from £300 depending on what you’re having and where you are in the country. Thanks so much to Sue at Salon 112. You can find more information on Sue Palmer and Salon 112 The photo below is a few weeks after the treatment and my brows are looking ace! Love Naomi xx IMG_9015

Naomi Isted
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