Science Meets Fashion: Top 2 Innovative Trends

Science Meets Fashion: Top 2 Innovative Trends

The fashion industry always brings the craziest and most fun trends one can indulge in. However, when science meets fashion that is when things become a whole lot more interesting. The breath-taking innovations of hydrophobic clothing that are waterproof and stain proof and the transforming idea of flame-resistant clothing, both inventions have taken the fashion world by a storm. Changing lifestyles and work life one vogue statement at a time!

Flame Resistant Clothing

Appealing to the work life and employee’s well-being aspect, the FR (Flame Resistant) clothing is intended for the safety and comfort of industrial workers. These people work in the line of oilfield and electrical environments. This life-saving fashion creation is truly a hero. The chemical fibers of the clothing resist ignition and then it self-extinguishes the flame after having removed the source of ignition. As an added safety measure, the base layer under the primary clothing is also flame resistant. It protects the wearer against dangerous flashes or arcs that might occur during industrial work. Not only that, the FR clothes are made from fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. This reduces any chances of the wearer’s body heating up. While keeping all of these protective measures in mind, the clothes are also made to be durable for the consumers. If you are considering looking into this fiery product, I would recommend Henley FR for your flame-resistant clothing needs. Moreover, shirts are not the only thing available in the FR clothing section for both men and women. You can find a full range of pants, boots, and outwear in the FR clothing department.

Water Resistant Clothing

Popularly known as the hydrophobic clothing, this fashion trend is a wild spin for everyone’s lifestyle. If you love wine and are an extremely heavy-handed person, you will definitely love the idea of this shirt. The science behind this clothing is the nano-technology used in the fabric, which creates a remarkably thin layer of molecules that repels any liquid. Numerous videos of this trend went viral on the internet, demonstrating soft drinks, ketchup and water being thrown onto the shirt and then dripping down leaving the shirt dry and spotless. Another fascinating benefit to this invention is that since the fabric does not absorb any liquid, it does not soak up any sweat resulting in a completely odor-free clothing experience. However, the stain resistant properties of the cloth may start to disappear after around 50 to 80 washes.

Having reviewed all these details about both technological fashion trends, should these trends be considered a revolutionary break-through? Yes, definitely. I believe that the clothing industry should give more attention to safety fashion and give them an imaginative spin to draw appeal from its customers. There needs to be experimental creativity like the ones mentioned above to help this portion of the industry to grow. For the betterment and safety of the people working hard in our industries to build a better world for all of us!



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