Robert Wun LFW Interview


Robert Wun tells us what kind of woman he loves to design for and what influenced his shimmery SS17 collection.

Where did you train? robert-wun 

London College of Fashion, graduating in 2012.

Is there a particular moment in life that made you decide to go into fashion?

I think it was when I was about 13. I met a friend who actually did fashion at that time, you know I was always into drawing, art and design, crafting but that moment was when I really understood what fashion really is. I like the idea of building sculptures and being creative based on the human form.

Tell us about the inspiration for your new collection?

Well basically the headline of the collection is called ‘Wedding Trasher” it’s the women who is rebellious with a touch of grace. Taking a lot of glamorous elements and feminine details in a bold direction. But also abstract cutting and contrasting details are really what the main focus is of the collection.robert-wun

Why did you use the colours that you did?

It’s wedding themed and these colours just felt right. I’m originally from Hong Kong and gold and red are very celebratory and cheerful colours there and then in between I added my modern interpretation of the colours too. And my cousins’ wedding was orchid themed which also inspired me. robert-wun

Do you take a lot of inspiration from your cultural background?

Not really. They are just elements and the starting point for me is always something a bit more timeless. I don’t see why designers want to do a collection purely based on their cultural background because then you are already putting yourself in a box from the beginning.  Being inspired by the orchid wedding and my background is just a touch of it and not the purpose of the collection.

Can you describe the collection in three words? 

Bold, feminine and glamorous.

Who is your favourite designer at the moment?

I would definitely say Raf Simons. He balances his designs really well with what modern society wants.


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