Ridiculous Myths You’ll Hear About Home Furnishings – And Why You Should Bust Them!

Ridiculous Myths You’ll Hear About Home Furnishings – And Why You Should Bust Them!

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You can’t open a newspaper these days without being told in no uncertain terms that you’re doing something wrong. You know the kind of story.

“Why Your Breakfast Is Making You Ill.”

“How Your Bedroom Is The Reason You’re Always Tired.”

“The Twelve Things You Do Every Day That Mean You’re Going To Die A Horrible Painful Death and It’s Probably Imminent, Sorry About That.”

Go away newspaper; you don’t know me. And judging by the many factual errors in your article, there’s more than that you don’t know. But perhaps the worst offenders in the media these days are the lifestyle pages. You can guarantee that, within one week of you buying something for your home, there will be an article in them telling you why you shouldn’t buy it.

“I wish they’d told me that a week ago,” you might think. But you’d be better off wishing they never told you at all because they have a track record of being wrong. There are stories and theories aplenty about the things in your home that are bad for you – and sometimes, they’re fact-free.

  1. Your Sofa Is Too Soft, And It’s Giving You Back Problems

The very concept behind articles like this is flawed. It entirely fails to take into account one important point right away. Namely, that people’s bodies are different and react to different things.

Yes, some people may get back problems which are aggravated by a soft sofa. Someone else, from sitting on a hard couch, might get back spasms and be in agony for days. The truth is, it has a lot more to do with posture in any case. Sit the wrong way, and you’ll get a bad back on any sofa.

  1. You Won’t Be Comfortable On A Memory Foam Mattress

The theory behind this – and it is a theory – is that because memory foam moulds to your body shape, there is no way for air to escape. Essentially, your mattress doesn’t get to breathe, and neither does your skin. So you lie there getting hot and uncomfortable. It would be a nightmare if you could fall asleep to have a nightmare.

So what’s the truth? Should you buy another mattress because you’ll feel too hot with a memory foam one? In short, no. Statistics show that people are more comfortable on memory mattresses than any other kind. Just make sure you’re getting as modern a model as you can.

  1. Your Taps Are A Hive Of Illness

Those new taps you’ve had put in the bathroom are stylish, chic and efficient. You love the antique look, and then you read an article telling you that they’re crawling with bacteria and you’re going to get sick.

Quick! What’s the thing you do after turning on a tap in the bathroom? You wash your hands, right? Which removes bacteria from your hands. Meaning that your taps could be crawling with pretty much anything, but as long as you’re washing your hands it’s irrelevant. Yes, you have to turn the tap off as well, but you’re not in contact with the tap for long enough for it to be an issue.

Simply put, just keep your home in good shape, clean regularly and don’t keep using broken furniture. Aside from that, anything that hurts or injures you is as likely to be a lifestyle quirk or plain bad luck. But don’t blame the furnishings.

Naomi Isted
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