Revamp Your Bathroom!

Revamp Your Bathroom!

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When people think about home renovations, they often think about redoing their bathroom. Even though we tend to spend a lot more time in our living rooms and bedrooms, the bathroom remains one of the most popular improvement jobs, along with the kitchen. There’s just something about a beautifully renovated bathroom that really ties a house together.

Of course, what ‘renovation’ means to people will differ. Some people will imagine ripping up everything and getting it all replaced; tiles, bathtub, toilet, shower, radiators, everything. Some people think they want a renovation, but really all they want is for their bathroom to be much neater and cleaner!


A bathroom renovation of any kind tends to be quite lengthy and expensive, so you need to make sure you plan ahead. Of course, before really setting your heart on this course of action, you’ll probably be best served by ensuring a really thorough clean and shine don’t turn out to be all you need. offers some potent advice in getting this done.

If you still feel you’ll be best served by a more full-on renovation, then read ahead. This quick guide will take you through some of the most important considerations and suggestions.


To reiterate: this project tends to be consuming of both time and money! So you should figure out how much money you’re willing to spend, as well as what timeframe you need to operate within. If you decide on a design and a bunch of features and appliances you want and just go for it, then you could end up spending a lot more than is sensible! So take your time and work out how much you can afford. You can read tips for coming up with a budget for a bathroom renovation at Once you’ve worked it out, you should ensure you’re not going over the limit you’ve decided upon unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re not strict with the budget, then there’s no real point in making it!


Function is the key

A lot of people who decide to renovate their bathroom make the mistake of going for sheer style over design. This is a big mistake. Remember: if a beautiful design doesn’t put functionality above all else, then it’s not really a beautiful design at all. There is nothing more important in your bathroom than functionality; there shouldn’t be inconveniences and sacrifices in place just to make it look pretty. Trying to make things too spacious might mean you end up with a sink that’s too small. That bath might look glorious, but what if it’s too big for the room and makes everything cramped? Remember: aesthetics comes second to functionality, always!


Maximizing space

It’s easy for bathrooms to get quite cramped. You need to consider the sink, storage, the shower and bathtub, the toilet, mirrors, shelves… there’s a lot that needs to go in. But you need to give close consideration to the space that will be available to you once everything is done. It may be best for you to ensure that all your facilities are no bigger than you need them to be. Many people end up going for bathroom features that are bigger than required, purely because they’re often the most stylish. (Again, function over style, please!) You should look into maximizing space with every item. This approach can be applied even to radiators; features heating systems that can help save on space. As for storage, this deserve its own section…


A lot of people renovate a bathroom and end up with a room that simply doesn’t have enough storage! Because we don’t often think of a bathroom as a room in which we store things, people often forget to consider it at all. Yes, precedence should be given to the actual facilities themselves, but you’re going to need a medicine cabinet, as well as places to keep spare towels and the like. (Seriously, keeping spare towels outside of the bathroom just gets annoying after a while!) Place your focus on over-the-sink and overhead storage so that you don’t end up making the room too cramped. has more advice for those who want more storage in their bathroom.


Dealing with metal

Hopefully, the metal in your bathroom isn’t all that vulnerable to rust. But a lot of faucets and showerheads end up having their functionality affected by the sheer amount of limescale buildup that can occur in many homes, especially if the water isn’t all that clear. So it may be best to look at replacing these elements all together. However, you don’t want to do this just for the problem to reappear at some point in the future. If you want to prolong the life of the metal in your bathroom, then you should consider getting some anti-limescale measures in place. Have a look at There are ways to make the water in your bathroom much clearer, which will help keep all that metal clean and strong for a long time. (And, of course, it will help with general hygiene in the bathroom!)

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Bringing nature in

If you want your bathroom to feel more fresh and open, then it’s worth to looking towards more natural elements when it comes to structure and decoration. Wood is becoming more and more popular in all types of renovations, and bathroom renovations are no exception. Some people prefer to idea of ceramic and marble because it seems easier to clean, but wood has a bunch of natural antibacterial properties that makes it perfect for use in bathrooms.

And if you find that you do have some room for decorations towards the end of the renovation, then you should consider getting some bathroom plants. There’s a great list of suggestions over at They help add stunning decoration without disturbing a minimalist or natural aesthetic. The bathroom is also one of the best places to keep plants due to the increased exposure to moisture; but make sure you’ve got an effective extractor fan in there to deal with the excess!

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