Renovating? Let These Cultures Inspire You


Taking on the project of renovating your home is both exciting and a bit overwhelming. Even if you have saved up enough money to do it all at once, where do you even begin? And how can you achieve that put-together look even if you’re inspired by a lot of different interior design trends and cultures?

If you’re in the process of giving your home a makeover, you’ve definitely come to the right place. While the end result is never guaranteed, and you may experience multiple hiccups along the way, you will at least be able to get back to basics and let these inviting interior designs from around the world get you inspired.

Here is a handful of ways to get a Moroccan, Scandinavian or Greece-inspired theme in your home and help you to make it a bit more exciting.

The Moroccan style: Low furniture and cooling tiles

Most people who have been to Morocco would fall in love with its style – at least for a little while. While you certainly don’t have to go overboard and make your entire home look like it just teleported straight out of the busy streets of Marrakech, you can still use a few of their details around your home to achieve a more exotic and interesting look.

When you think about Moroccan interior design, you need to take the country’s geography into consideration in order to understand the elements. Nestled between Europe and Africa, the area is a melting pot of different cultures, intriguing spices and homes that are decorated to be both cooling and welcoming.

Let’s start with the tiles, for example, and keep in mind that you can treat your kitchen floor to tiles as well as the walls to get the right look. Use strong colours to stay true to the culture’s design but use it sparingly unless you’d like to go all out; blue, pink, and yellow and combinations that work surprisingly well when used correctly.

Another point to Moroccan design is, of course, the horseshoe arches. These are great little details you can include in your home in order to make your design of choice stand out a bit more – just have a look at this article and you’ll get the right idea.

Treat your living room and bedroom to some lush and decorative fabrics, get a hold of some low furniture in order to make the space a bit more inviting, and focus on getting the right kind of mood by using lamps and pendants made from coloured glass.

The result will be a home that looks both interesting and modern with enough elements of magic to make it unsurprising if a genie came out of that lamp to grant you three wishes eventually.

The Scandinavian style: Natural light and clean lines

While the idea of minimalistic design has come and gone, Scandinavian interior design is still going strong – at least in many homes across Scandinavia. In order to get the right look, however, it doesn’t help if you simply paint your room white and get a hold of all the most modern furniture you’re able to come across.

You need to understand the basics behind the design, first of all, before you can start to decorate with it. That way, you’ll get a look that is truly Scandinavian rather than one that is simply minimalistic.

Living in these colder areas means that natural light is sparse and should be appreciated. Go for wide windows that aim to let in as much light as possible, place your kitchen table by the window and work on your rooms in order to make the light reflect in your mirrors as well.

Colder and darker countries will also force their inhabitants to spend much more time inside during the winter months, by the way, and while you certainly don’t have to insulate your home to keep the heat in like they do, you can certainly try to make it cosy.

We’re talking a cute little fireplace nestled somewhere in your living room or even a ‘kakkelovn’ or a closed up stove in the kitchen. You can make proper pizza in these ones, by the way, although some of them are a bit pricey.

Continue to work elements of homeliness and ‘hygge’ into your home, use contrasts, and focus on buying modern furniture swan chairs and tulip tables. The look may be clean and anything but intrusive but it’s still made to keep the family happy and cosy inside.

The Greek design: Simple, elegant and functional

Just like many countryside designs from all over the world, the Greek interior design wants to be both simple and functional. Exposed stone walls will not only help you to get a beautiful look in your living room or bedroom, but it will also serve a very important purpose: cooling your home down.

You don’t have to expose the entire wall, though, as an accent wall in stone also helps to give the kind of relaxed feeling you’re looking for. Set it by the fireplace or in the kitchen, for example, to get an even more authentic look.

The arches of Greek design is, of course, an important element as well. While you may not be willing to change the structure of your house in order to achieve this, you can still try to keep it in mind when building new carports or patios. The impression your home gives from the outside can also help to set the mood and atmosphere of your home.

Another point to achieving an authentic Greek look is the elements of blue and white. While it’s not exactly clear why this combination has such an important role and is even used in their flag, it’s easy to guess that it might have something to do with the sky and the sea.

It does give a rather maritime feeling, nonetheless, and you can use it sparingly to let it hint toward your design of choice.

Use the elements in your bedding, for example, set the table with plates in white and blue, and stay true to these simple design methods without overdoing it.


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