Renovate Or Rebuy? The Advantages To Both

Renovate Or Rebuy? The Advantages To Both

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If you’re not currently content with the home that you’re in, then it may be time to ring the changes. However, this doesn’t have to involve buying a new place as such, it may suit you best to renovate your existing property. Here are the advantages to both!

Advantages to Renovating

  • You Get To Keep The Parts Of Your Home That You Love

Try renovating. You get to keep all of the elements that you love about your current home, without having to give them up to achieve the look that you want to. You may love the tiled hallway in your current house, for example. Not everywhere possesses such an ornate feature – so don’t give it up just to be happier with upgrades to your other rooms, renovate!

  • None Of The Costs Of Moving House

Moving house can be incredibly expensive in itself. Even if you’re downsizing, you’ll still be spending some of the money that could have been saved otherwise. If you’re not really one for the faff of moving every five minutes, then renovating is definitely for you.

  • Well Thought Out Additions Could Add To Your Potential Sale Price

If your current home already holds significant value and is in a sought after area, then consider this before selling up to rebuy. You can massively increase the potential sale price of your home with some well thought out additions. Such as, a new kitchen, bathroom or loft conversion. These renovations are bound to make you more content with your current home, too. Spend your money wisely.

Advantages to Rebuying

  • Opportunity To Start Afresh

If you’re not emotionally attached to the area in which you are currently settled, then rebuying is an awesome way of moving somewhere new. That way, you can start afresh. Buyers often underestimate how important the location can be to a property. So, make sure you buy somewhere where you’ll feel happy at the second attempt!

  • Possibility Of Working With New Spaces

By rebuying, you’re getting a brand new home to experiment with and decorate in the way you desire. A lot of the projects that you wanted to undertake at your current home, may not be possible. Whereas, with a new space, the possibilities are endless. Seeing the new space for the first time may even inspire you to create new ideas. This will ultimately enable you to create the home that you’ve always dreamt of.

  • Financial Side Of Buying Is Much Easier After You’ve Had Your First Home

The likes of Brinkley’s Estate Agents can help you settle into your new home with an easy transition. Because you’ve already bought a home, the financial side of matters is going to be much simpler. There is less paperwork to fill out, a shorter purchasing process, and ultimately, a lot less stress than you make think! It’s definitely worth considering.

Hopefully, this handy guide has enabled you to make a choice on whether renovating or buying is the best option for you. Either method has its advantages and disadvantages. So, all that’s left to do is make the right decision for you – good luck!

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