Reefer Wellness: Explaining The High Rise In Medical Marijuana Usage

Reefer Wellness: Explaining The High Rise In Medical Marijuana Usage

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It’s surprising how much the consensus on marijuana has changed over the years. In the past, propaganda would have you believe that smoking a little cannabis would make you a dangerous criminal. Nowadays, it seems more and more countries are heading towards legalisation. Although attitudes have relaxed on casual usage, the main perk is the health benefits. Medical marijuana has gained a lot of traction in countries such as America. In fact, a survey in California found 92% of patients say medical marijuana works. Around 80% of doctors believe in prescribing the herb for a range of serious medical conditions.

It’s an uplifting statistic. Many patients who find no relief from other medications often find marijuana to be incredibly helpful. Additionally, cannabis harbors much less harmful side effects than hard prescription drugs. Using it irresponsibly can still be negative. But the way it’s being regulated for medical usage seems overwhelmingly positive.

Who Is It Helping?

The list of illnesses that can be treated with marijuana is long and impressive. Those with chronic pain often find medical marijuana relieves a lot of it. It can also prevent symptoms such as muscle spasms and tremors. Clinical trials found it reduced epileptic seizures by up to 50%. One lab study even found it reduces cancer cells in mice. It isn’t just physical symptoms that medical marijuana is helping, either. It can help people sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and boosts your metabolism. It’s been used successfully to treat things like PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders. It can also prevent the risk of problems such as cancer and diabetes. The benefits are staggering. It’s amazing how one kind of medication can have benefits for so many different ailments. It explains why the attitude towards medical marijuana is becoming more positive worldwide.

The Best Option?

Most serious health problems have long been treated with prescription drugs. While these are often helpful, they can sometimes have harmful side effects. People often get addicted to painkilling drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin. A lot of medications used to treat mental conditions can often have the opposite effects. It can be hard sometimes for doctors to know which drug is the best to give for each condition. Marijuana seems more versatile and less dangerous. Harmful side effects usually only occur with extreme usage. Many people worry about the impact smoking can have on the lungs. A lot of patients use products like herb vaporizers, which make medical marijuana easy to inhale and reduces any effect on the lungs. However, a study found marijuana doesn’t impair lung function regardless. In fact, it can often increase lung capacity and reverse the carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoking. Using cannabis to medicate health ailments seems like the best option for many cases.

How It Affects The World

More countries are beginning to accept the use of medical marijuana. Canada, Australia, and the Czech Republic are a few of the nations who use cannabis for medical purposes. In some countries, such as the Netherlands and Uruguay, it’s also legal for recreational use. Some places still lag behind. The UK still has strict laws against the use of cannabis in any context. But as it takes off worldwide, and attitudes change, the likelihood of worldwide use of medical marijuana is becoming higher by the year.

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