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Red Castle Baby Products

A company that I’ve found that I’m just obsessed in a few of their key products is French baby brand Red Castle. When my daughter was little she suffered from terrible Colic and Reflux and the nights were just horrendous. Being a journalist, research is everything so this time round I decided to look into other sleep alternatives and found the Cocoonababy Nest by Redcastle. My baby is due end of March but the reviews so far have been amazing, whether your choosing it for co-sleeping or just regular cot sleeping.

Here’s some more information about this and some of their other lovely products they make that I can’t wait to try as soon as baby arrives:

 Cocoonababy Nest:

I think one of the biggest concerns for new parents is sleep and the possible lack of it. This is a different approach to conventional sleeptime options like moses baskets, cribs and cots. If you’re considering co-sleeping this is a much safer option but this can alternatively be used inside a cot. The Cocoonababy® Nest is an ergonomic cocoon which repositions the child in the semi-foetal position they adopt in their mummy’s tummy, which baby adopts in the cocoon, it soothes, reassures and helps to limit the onset of the principal troubles which may bother a newborn during their first months. Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing them with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds them of their mother’s womb, the Cocoonababy® By red castle helps the newborn to adapt as best as to possible life following birth. The semi-foetal position of Cocoonababy® helps limit concerns occuring during the first months and contributes to: child’s sleep, reducing involuntary jerky movements which wake baby, limit gastric reflux and the risk of flat head syndrome. The Cocoonababy® nest includes the Tummy Band which reassures and soothes baby by applying a light pressure on their tummy, without hindering their freedom of movement. It retails for £129.95.


Cloudzz® Bouncer

A decent baby bouncer is essential; I personally love the colour, design and functions of this Cloudzz bouncer. It rocks your baby at his own rhythm, but remains still when he/she is. The innovative concept of the Cloudzz® bouncer by red castle encourages baby to become aware of and interact serenely with his surroundings. Unpowered, the bouncer’s rocking motion is natural, in response to baby’s own movements. In the Cloudzz® bouncer, baby is positioned comfortably and rocked gently at his own pace. Featuring 3 functions (oscillating to calm baby and help him fall asleep, locked, for mealtime or for play, rotating for changing the bouncer’s direction), the Cloudzz® bouncer can be used at different moments of baby’s day, from birth to 9kgs. It has 3 reclining positions (lying down, reclining or sitting up).

The base, raised 50cms off the ground, is kind on parent’s backs and facilitates parent/child interaction. Comes complete with large canopy, toy bar, head + body hugger and anti-insect net (all removable). It retails for £119.90.


Big Flopsy™ Maternity Cushion

In the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother often has difficulty finding a comfortable position in which to rest. The solution is the Big Flopsy™ cushion, an essential companion throughout pregnancy! Thanks to its large size (170cms) the Big Flopsy™ cushion provides support and helps you relax in your preferred position. Ideal for lying on your side, this cushion can also be wedged between the knees or be folded to raise and take the weight off your legs. Filled with very light, anti-allergenic, odourless micro-pearls, the Big Flopsy™ cushion will continue to be useful after baby is born, during breast or bottle feeding. It can also become a small nest on which to lie baby down and later, when he begins to sit, it can help support his back. This product is also available in 100% organic cotton. It retails for £ £59.99

For more information on these amazing products and where they are available checkout:

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