Red Carpet Accessories Every Girl Should Own

Red Carpet Accessories Every Girl Should Own



When you’re getting ready for that VIP event you probably want to put on your most expensive dress and shoes. You want to look incredible whether the paparazzi will be present or not. Hair, makeup, and jewelry are all part of the glamour you’re looking to create. So what are those key items that make every girl really pop?

When it comes to makeup, it’s got to be bold, and it’s got to be chic. Eyelashes look full and lush with the addition of inserts. You can use a full pack of falsies if you feel your natural lashes are lacking the thickness you’re looking for. Lashes in deep blacks look fabulous with eyeliner in the same. Don’t be afraid to use a little white in the corner to emphasize your lovely eye shape.

Lippy should be bold in deep pinks or red to attract attention. The choice of gloss or matt is down to personal preference. Both look really hot this season, so choose the color over the finish. Line it first to hold the perfect lip shape to accentuate your natural smile. If your teeth are recently whitened, then you can get away with the boldest of reds.

Blush is important for a big event with plenty of bright lights around. Use it to highlight your cheekbones, rather than trying to create a shape that isn’t there. A glow looks more natural than a painted blush effect, so use a good, wide brush to create a sweeping effect that fades well. Blushes with a shimmer bring out shine and glamor, just perfect for a VIP event.

Jewelry is important to complement your outfit and hairstyle. A plunging neckline warrants a long drop necklace with a pendant. A square cut to the neck could invite a shorter chain or even a string of pearls or diamonds. For a higher, collarbone cut, you may want to try a choker style necklace to add length and elegance to your neck. Drop earrings are very fashionable this season, thanks to the popularity of the up hairstyle.

Finish your look off with an elegant watch. There are some beautiful automatic timepieces for ladies available at the moment. If you are thinking of buying one, then you will need to use a watch winder to keep it accurate when you aren’t wearing it. If it’s a watch for special occasions, then this will be a must. Choose a mother of pearl face with diamond dials to add some extra glamor to your wrist.

For the other wrist, an elegant diamond or pearl bracelet helps to add definition and length to your arm. Often these come in a set so you can add one to your ankle too. Cuffs are becoming popular again. And nothing offers more wow than a diamond or crystal encrusted cuff bracelet. If you are wearing a dress with long sleeves, these can be very elegant when worn over the top of the fabric.

For any girl, a VIP or red carpet event is a big night. Dressing up is part of the fun of the evening, and we all love an excuse to wear the very best outfit we own. Look stunning with accessories for your next big night out.

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