Recovering From An Accident – Your Guide To Becoming Stronger And Healthier Than Ever

Recovering From An Accident – Your Guide To Becoming Stronger And Healthier Than Ever


It only takes a moment for everything to go so horribly wrong. And the full extent of what has happened to you may not sink in for weeks. Accidents happen. Sometimes they’re nobody’s fault. Sometimes we’ve just been careless or clumsy, or maybe someone else was negligent. The result is the same. You’ve been hurt, and it can feel like your whole life has come crashing down.

Fortunately, most injuries from everyday accidents can be overcome. Broken bones often heal well. Swelling and pain usually subside. But it’s those few weeks of living with the injury that are the hardest to bear. You may be short of cash if you can’t work. And you may have to spend a small fortune on medical bills to help aid your recovery. So how can you manage these costs?

If you have a savings fund, this is probably the first place you need to which you need to turn. It may not last long, but it is better than accruing more debts that you may not be able to repay for a while. The next thing to do is to ensure you’re not spending more than is coming in. This might involve looking at your budgets and checking you’re financially fit and well while you are recovering.

Friends and family will be very keen to do what they can to help you while you’re out of action. This help is crucial to aiding your recovery and keeping things at home on track. Let someone else take care of the ironing for a week. Perhaps you can freeze a neighborly casserole someone brought over for those days you can’t cook for yourself. And if they’re offering to lend you a few dollars to see you through for a little while, don’t feel too proud to accept.

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When accidents occur, the victims are often left out of pocket. If you’re wondering how to recoup those costs, you can learn it from Brown and Crouppen or by searching online. You may also be eligible for more than just compensation. Some insurance policies provide payouts for accidents like yours. Others will provide a payout if your situation becomes more permanent, preventing you from working. It’s best to check your policies. Your mortgage and other loans may have protection policies. Even your employer may be able to help here.

It is worth speaking at length with your employer about your options while you are off work. Depending on your personal circumstances and where you live, your employer might be obligated to pay you sick pay for a minimum period. You can also use up your paid leave allowance to see you through financially. While it is unlikely you can be fired for being unfit for work, you may be expected to check in with your employer at regular intervals.

It is certainly worth taking on lighter or different duties while you recover. It shows good faith to your employer. It also ensures you have a regular paycheck coming in to cover your additional costs as you heal. Most importantly, it keeps your mind occupied with productive tasks. You can continue to enjoy the company of colleagues. And you’ll feel like you’re achieving something. These things are so important to your mental and emotional well-being.

So how can you be sure you’ll be fit and well at the end of all this? It does go beyond a positive mind set. You need to nurture your body as it heals. This could involve taking on a more nutrient-rich diet to support your body’s regeneration. Vegetables and fruits are better options than candies and snacks. Avoiding the less healthy options could give your body a better chance of healing when it doesn’t have to digest excess sugars or fats too.

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Exercise may be painful or uncomfortable. However, your physio or physician has probably prescribed certain movements and activities that will aid your return to full mobility. It’s important to keep these up. You can also support them with low impact activities like swimming (if you’re not in a cast) and seated Tai Chi. Why not pop along to your local leisure center and see if there are any classes for people with reduced mobility? It is thought that even injuries like whiplash can benefit from gentle movement each day.

Managing pain is one of the toughest parts of recovery. It makes you tired, grumpy and emotional. And all of your family are suffering along with you! But they’re understanding, and they’re there to help. Massage is thought to be highly beneficial when you suffer pain. Pain causes other muscles in the body to tense. A foot rub, a neck massage, or even some time massaging the back can help you relax again. Best of all, your family are on hand to help!

Some pet owners believe quality time with their furry friends can aid healing. Cat owners, in particular, may be convinced of the therapeutic properties of a purr. Whether you agree with the studies or not, it can’t hurt to try! A cuddle and a stroke of your pet can help you relax and unwind which is good for pain management. And if a little purring can speed up the cell regeneration of your injury, then you could be back to full strength in no time!

Of course, more mainstream treatments include meditation, TENS, or medication. It’s worth reading up about any medication you are prescribed. Not all pain meds are suitable for us as individuals. The side-effects may not be acceptable for your individual circumstances. Feeling drowsy can be quite debilitating after a while.

Returning to full strength can be achieved by taking extra care of your body and mind as you heal. Don’t feel selfish for investing in this quality ‘me’ time. The healthier and fitter you are, the quicker you should heal. And the experience of it could even lead you to be stronger and better prepared for whatever comes next in life. Live well, heal quickly, and get well soon.

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