Psychic Guidance with Lee Whybird

Psychic Guidance

Psychic Guidance with Lee Whybird


Psychic Guidance – So 2017 has been a strange year for me. I’ve had incredible career highs and lows, changes and opportunities but its been a year of spiritual growth and awakening for me. Through the guidance and mentoring of two wonderful women my friend and trainer Mandy Platt and friend and spiritual mentor Christine Mcgory my life has started changing for the better.



Before meeting them both I had got into alot of negative patterns and habits, putting myself under too much pressure juggling work, home and trying to appease people I just don’t need in my life. They have both taught me and continue to, the importance of making me time, knowing your self worth and learning to say NO! But above all the power of positivity and gratitude. Since slowly adjusting my negative patterns and thinking, the wrong people have been dropping out of my life and the universe have been bringing the most incredible people into my life. Through a mutual friend one of those new wonderful peeps is Lee, Lee is a highly regarded psychic and since my first reading we have also become good friends.


I know the timing was definitely right when the universe brought Lee into my life for the next level of guidance that could only come from the other side, the spirit world. I’ve always been quite in tune with my spiritual side and sometimes thought it was impossible to work in such a cut throat industry and maintain that spiritual element of my character. But I’m now learning it is possible and that this is the side of my life which is actually the driving force and when I open my eyes more, life unfolds so much easier!


So lets get to the point, my readings with Lee. I hadn’t had a reading for years so wasn’t sure how it would go and was a tad nervous.  I didn’t know if he was just doing a card reading or if he would sense people in the room with me. He instantly mentioned the most personal elements of my life no-one could really know, people, places, situations and I burst into tears. Maybe it was shock, maybe the release that the universe has felt my pain and understand what I’ve dealt with, who knows but I came out in shock and a flood of relief. After that a second reading when I was more mentally prepared, the messages were coming through fast and it was incredible that Lee was seeing or hearing things that were so in-tune with my/our life plans.


Then the elements in my life that were causing emotional and mental blockages, Lee decided to work on unblocking my Solar Plexus in another session. Wow now this was a really profound experience, its so hard to explain but it felt like the feeling when I had my C-section with Rocco. My stomach was going crazy like a washing machine. But after the session I felt lighter, pressure lifted from my soul and more positive.  Now week by week things Lee said are all falling into place. We have become good friends and I trust his judgement. But has also made me more aware of how much the spirit world sees and knows. So if you ever think you are suffering in anyway alone, know that most of the time you are not alone but you have spirits trying to protect and guide you.


Lee and I on the Red Carpet for Daddys Home 2!


I cannot say how thankful I am to Lee, I think he has an incredible gift and its an honour to have such a gifted friend.

If you want to book a session with Lee, head over to his website, the links are all there…And you can learn a little more about him below;

Lee Whybird

is a talented Welsh medium best known for his ability to bring lightness and hope to even the most serious or difficult of experiences, using a combination of wit, incisiveness and compassion. Descended from a long line of sensitives on his maternal side, Lee began reading for close friends and relatives in his 20’s. However, he was called to work with spirit more seriously after an illness in his 40’s which led him to develop his natural gifts and abilities in order to help others on a full-time basis. Since then, he has become a regular feature at numerous spiritual churches in and around Kent and Wales; and frequently does group readings at clairvoyant evenings and séances across the country, where he has worked with some of the best known mediums in the UK, including Colin Fry, Jayne Wallace of the Psychic Sisters, Derek Acorah, Billy Cook and Alex Baily.

Love Naomi xx

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