Preparing For Long Term Travel: Things To Consider

Preparing For Long Term Travel: Things To Consider



Planning on taking time out and going on a long-term travel adventure? Perhaps you’re on a gap year, are taking the opportunity between jobs or maybe you’ve booked a one-way ticket and want to see where it takes you. Travel is, of course, one of the most incredible and fulfilling things we can do with our lives. And so if you have the opportunity to do this, then it’s so worth taking it! But be sure to thoroughly plan, do your research and get organized beforehand. Here are a few things to consider.

How Will You Afford It?

Do you have enough savings to fund your trip? Or will you work while you’re away? Establishing yourself as a freelancer before your travels is a good move, this way you can work from wherever you are in the world with just a laptop. It could be writing, blogging, design, online tutoring or something else entirely. But setting up so that you have a steady stream of income can be useful to help you get by while you’re away. You can get some ideas for freelancing from articles like this

What About Your Home?

If you’re currently renting, you’ll need to end your tenancy before leaving. Make sure you’re not within a contract during the time you want to leave, as this can be expensive to get out of. In many cases, you’ll be contracted to pay the rent on a property until someone else moves in, which could be months. If you’ve bought your home, you’ll need to decide what to do with it. Renting it out each month could be a great option and give you some extra income while you’re away. You’ll need to enlist an estate agent to run this on your behalf while you’re traveling, there will be a fee but it will keep your home safe and if the tenants have any issues they can contact the agency instead of you. Depending on how long you plan on traveling for, you might decide to sell your possessions or put them into storage. and similar companies offer long term storage units. This is useful as once you arrive back home, you don’t have to worry about building everything back up from scratch.

What About Your Car?

If you own a vehicle, you’ll more than likely need to sell it before you leave. While cars can be taken abroad, it can be quite complicated and so your best bet would to be rent or buy another car when you’re away if you need one. If your vehicle is on finance, this can make things tricky. You can’t legally sell a car if it’s under finance, so you’d need to raise the money to pay off the outstanding debt first. Once this was settled, you could then sell it.

Have You Thought About Paperwork?

An important thing to remember is that your passport will need to have a long date left on it. Some countries require six or three months left on a passport for you to enter, so this needs to be on top of the amount of time you’ll actually be traveling for. Don’t risk it or cut it too fine, if it’s coming to an end your best bet would be to just update it. You’ll also need to consider visas, if you’re traveling to lots of different places on your trip, it could be easier to use a visa service agency. Sites like have more information.

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