Picking Out The Pieces – Accessorise Your Living Space

Picking Out The Pieces – Accessorise Your Living Space

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If you’ve lost the love for your living space, now could be the perfect time to strip it bare and start again. Of course, we’re all busy and taking on a big decorating job on our own isn’t easy. You don’t need to pull out the paintbrushes and overalls just yet. You don’t even need to pay for an expensive flooring fitter. Sometimes all it takes is some careful choices for your home accessories to lift the look of your living space. Fall in love all over again with these great picks to freshen your living room style:


If you pick the right rug, it could soon become an ideal focal point for the whole room. Look for a statement piece that draws the eye. Bold colours and energetic geometric patterns continue to be popular this season. Texture is really important here too. Mixing and matching your textures in the room can create a more ‘sculptured’ feel. Try to contrast the fabric for the rug with the other soft furnishings in the room. When you start to cover up the flooring, make sure you’re not covering damage or potential pest problems that could get worse. Fix any issues first.


If you have a soft pile rug, go for something with a more rugged covering for your cushions. Of course, if you have your eye on some beautiful silk-covered cushions, pick something with more length to pile for your rug. The colour of your cushions should share a common shade with all the other soft furnishings. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy several colours here, particularly if you like patterns.

Ornaments and Objets D’art

The personal touches you give the room are the ones that most reflect your character, not just your style. Try to put as much of you into these items as possible. You might create a custom picture frame to display your photos of family, friends and pets. This will be completely unique to you and make a wonderful finishing touch. Ornaments can be as abstract as you like, but familiar shapes in interesting colours and textures could work well here. For example, if you like music, you might choose a guitar-shaped sculpture in a high gloss porcelain to match one of your theme colours.

Wall Art

There has been a big move toward abstract and contemporary wall art. The colours are the most important thing. Your choice of art should include your theme colour, but it can also feature as many other colours as you like. In fact, the more vibrant and eclectic it is, the better! Look for high energy pieces with lots of shapes as well as great colour.

Window Dressing

Every window needs to be framed with something that looks good and provides the privacy you need. Blinds are particularly useful as they allow you direct the natural light to enhance the appearance of the room. Soft, lush curtains are great for adding that touch of luxury to the space. Use, rich, warm tones of your theme colour here. Patterns can add an extra dimension, but block colours have been quite popular recently too. How do you accessorise your living space?

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