Personalised Gifts at Build-A-Bear


Personalised Gifts at Build-A-Bear

Personalised Gifts at Build-A-Bear – Before I had kids, Christmas was about parties, meals out and the outfits I wanted to wear. But as soon as I became a mummy Christmas changed completely and became much more magical. Nowadays I’m so excited about the run up to December just as much as Christmas day. Ever since I had Fleur, the excitement in the house is all about our kids. From the 1st of December the tree and decorations go up, the little Elf arrives, mornings consist of opening the advent calendar and we plan lots of fun Christmas days out. We’ve already been to lots of fab Christmas films and Christmas activity days. The kids have written their Christmas lists, they’ve had fun icing cookies and we’re going ice -skating this week.



But theres always that little bit of anxiety thinking and planning presents. It may just be me but sometimes I feel like all the toys and lists become a mind-field and get so confusing. I don’t want to randomly just buy toys that the write on their list then forget about the following week, I want something more personal/memorable.


Earlier this year Fleur had a Build-A-Bear party and both Fleur, her friends and Rocco absolutely loved it. She has teddies from Build-A-Bear that we got her as a baby so they are now 8years old! What we love about Build-A-Bear is the fact that the kids can also get to make their own furry friend themselves and then the choice of accessories is just incredible. So it means if you ‘ve got them a bear for their birthday you or family and friends know what to get them for Christmas, accessories or gift vouchers to grow their collection. The best bit is the way you can customise the bears with different scents, voice recordings and hearts.


I travel away quite alot with work and the hardest bit is being away from my kiddies, especially for the bedtime story and cuddle. Every year a week before Christmas once most of the presents are under the tree we let them open one pre-Christmas pressie. I know I maybe crazy but I also get so excited at seeing their faces I can’t wait 3.5weeks from the 1st of December. So this year I have been super organised and decided to give them a much more personal present.


When Fleur was at school and Rocco at nursery I headed to Build-A-Bear myself and get this; RECORDED MY OWN VOICE. Honestly I’m so excited about this. I thought they would love one of their Christmas Products but with mummies voice recording.  The Christmas Products are just so adorable from traditional Christmas bears to Reindeers in lots of different colours. The Christmas accessories are utterly adorable! As soon as I walked in the store I knew Fleur would love Colour Glow Glisten with light up antlers.


So I chose reindeers and couldn’t resist a few bears, then recorded a special message for them both. I also chose a beating heart so their reindeers felt kind of life like and a lavender scent which they will love around bedtime. Its such an easy process. Checkout my pics.




So we shared our personalised reindeers with the kids and as you can see they were over the moon!

Happy Christmas lovelies,

Love Naomi xx


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